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Review – Rend Collective and Guvna B at the Cardiff Great Hall

When one thinks of Christian music, an idea springs to mind of organs, hymn-books and a warbling choir in a cold, old church. On 10th May in Cardiff’s Great Hall, Rend Collective a...

Review – In The Shadow Of The Mountain

Felicity Huxley-Miners addresses Borderline Personality Disorder in her new play, In The Shadow Of The Mountain. Theatre editor Daniel Perks joins Rob and Ellie on their journey in...

Review – H.R. Haitch, in time for the Royal Wedding

Just in time for the royal wedding this weekend, H.R.Haitch comes to the Union Theatre. But this musical, with book and lyrics from Maz Evans, holds rich and poor together in sickn...

Review – Isaac Came Home From The Mountain

In his new play, Phil Ormrod examines the relationships between fathers and sons in unflinching detail: power dynamics, intimidation tactics and an unending search for approval pla...

Review – Deadpool 2

Dead pool 2 tries to live up to its foul-mouthed, anti-hero predecessor and suffers from a classic case of 'throw money at something and it will surely be better' fatigue...

Review – McKellen: Playing The Part

Sir Ian McKellen reflects on his life under the spotlight, from a youth spent in Wigan to coming out, treading the boards on the West End and yelling 'you shall not pass'...

Review – Julie Cunningham’s Crave

Julie Cunningham interprets Crave, by Sarah Kane, with a fusion of spoken word and dance. Daniel Perks witnesses this synergy in action:

Review – a slippery SOAP of a circus

Circus and water - a dangerous and exciting combination. Daniel Perks checks out the next headline act for the 10th anniversary of the Underbelly Festival Southbank - SOAP:

Review – The unsettling monotony at Nightfall

Theatre Editor Daniel Perks catches the latest production from one of central London's newest venues - Nightfall at the Bridge Theatre:

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Updates from the King's Head Theatre Festival

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