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Review – a Mayfly’s grief in its single day

Mayfly is an exploration of grief on two levels. It shows a community clinging to an old way of life while everyone else is moving to town. Sophie Talbot investigates:

Review – success is more than a Tumble Tuck

Sarah Milton headlines the Who Runs The World festival at the King's Head Theatre with Tumble Tuck. Camille LaPaix examines the price of success for Milton:

Review – Moormaid: nostalgic memory & stark reality

Marion Bott explores the devastating consequences of radicalisation in her new play, Moormaid, in a production from The Alchemist Theatre Company.

Review – strictly sequins, strictly sparkle, Strictly Ballroom

It has danced into the West End, but will it soft shoe its way into our hearts? Daniel Perks catches the Baz Luhrmann epic musical, Strictly Ballroom

Review – Destiny

Destiny reveals the downsides of online dating, the ability to make snap judgements on a swipe and then discard the individual, blocking them entirely from your life if they aren’t...

Review – the Faceless religion

How far will government go to protects its borders from terrorism? Faceless pits religious struggle against itself in this court case.

Who Runs The World?

Updates from the King's Head Theatre Festival

Review – success is more than a Tumble Tuck


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