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The Nightingale Review: A tough, relentless, but necessary watch

This film, The Nightingale by Jennifer Kent, is a punishing watch. The violence of the opening scene might be hard to sit through for a mainstream audience, but it is essential vie...

Joker Review: Bold, daring and unpredictable, much like the clown himself

Near towards the start of Joker, Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) sits in a counselling session, his cigarette burning dangerously close to his fingertips.

Red Palace: a twisted immersive fairy tale

Red Palace is an immersive, dark fairy tale, playing at The Vaults with an all-female and non-binary cast this autumn. But does it match up to the classics? Daniel Perks reviews:

Stardust: Bollywood comes to the Belgrade

Stardust could be called a dazzling display, but that might just be referring to the glittering costumes. Katie Graham reviews:

The Belgrade Coventry catches Saturday Night Fever

The perfect show if you enjoy a boogie and rather snug trousers. And frankly, who doesn't like at least one of those. Katie Graham reviews Saturday Night Fever:

The Life I Lead – David Tomlinson’s affable Britishness

Miles Jupp pays homage to David Tomlinson, the affable British gent behind Mr Banks and Professor Emelius Browne. Daniel Perks reviews The Life I Lead:

Big The Musical – an 80s update is stuck in the past

The 1980s Tom Hanks film comes to the West End stage for a limited season. But does Big The Musical stack up? Daniel Perks reviews:

Review: Sunday at Gunnersville London

It’s been a week since the Gunnersville Concert series in London, so what made the Sunday so special? The final day of Gunnersville can only be described as a noughties emo's ...


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