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Not All About Eve, but about Anderson

A film within a play, based on a film adaptation of a different play. Confused? Sounds like Ivo van Hove directing. Emily Garside reviews All About Eve:

The eerie epoch of Anthropocene

Anthropocene, an operatic metaphor for our current geologic epoch, explores the primitive motivations behind human behaviours. Stuart MacRae and Louise Welsh reunite to present a c...

Paldi and Mann – Kids or No Kids?

Debating whether or not to have kids should be simple, right? No Kids, an honest, joyful and touching play, shows us it’s not so simple after all. Lucy Curtis reviews:

Lecky is her own Superhoe in this searing story

Nicôle Lecky’s wickedly clever debut play Superhoe, about the mercenary world of sex work, delivers a searing lesson in empathy. Annabel Mellor reviews:

My Dad’s Gap Year – a family values show

A coming-of-age comedy, a father and son learn to face their issues on a holiday like no other after they "try everything once." Jonathan Penney reviews My Dad's Gap Year:...

Fauve Review: A meditation on innocence and power

A naive children’s game catapulted into the realms of the terrifying, Jeremy Comtés award-winning short-film and Oscar nominated Fauve is a refreshing take on the fragility of chil...

Marguerite Review: A loving LGBT tale of a woman making peace with her past

In her Oscar nominated short film, Marguerite, writer-director Marianne Farley makes us confront our own preconceptions about the elderly and their relationship with love, in a hea...

The bells of Notre Dame de Paris ring in a success

To mark its 20th anniversary and 5,000th performance, Notre Dame de Paris came to the London Coliseum. Camille Lapaix saw it 20 years ago - her first experience of theatre in 1998....


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