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We have so many questions about Wild Wild Country

Mass poisoning, murder, religious devotion, ecstasy, money laundering, immigration fraud and the bizarre tale of the cult you've probably never heard of.

Review – Dollywould, a unique clone

Sh!t Theatre's production of Dollywould is the perfect performance homage to both singer and sheep.

Review: Midnight Sun

From Midnight Sun, you might expect a run-of-the-mill teenage rom-com, and clichés are in abundance throughout. But it's got more up its sleeve than your traditional teen dram...

Review – Kene asks if Misty can exist without judgement

Misty doesn’t claim anything other than to exist. Every story deserves to be told and Arinzé Kene’s is one of a virus invasion, gentrification or modern-day colonisation.

Review: Custody

Xavier Legrand’s debut feature is a powerful portrayal of the devastation wrought by one man’s abusive behaviour on his family.

Review: My Generation

Michael Caine's My Generation takes a skin-deep look at the permissive society with the help of some of the 300 people that made it big.

At The Vaults

Updates from the Vault Festival 2018

Review – a new musical, under Lock and Key


Review – Fat Rascal save world with musical zombie spoof


Review – Tori Scott’s Thirsty cabaret


Review – Orwin is more than A Girl And A Gun


Review – Somers does not have the privilege to C(o)unt


Review – the murderous intent of Timothy


VAULT Festival 2018 Spotlight: The Talk


Some People Need Narrative, Others Need People


Louise Orwin is A Girl And A Gun

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