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Joe Eyre’s Crocodile – a fearsome show

Joe Eyre writes and performs Crocodile, a show about the fearsome devotion that drives a father to protect his daughter at all costs. Daniel Perks reviews:

Bryony Kimmings is a Phoenix, Bitch

Im A Phoenix, Bitch is Bryony Kimmings’ return to solo performance after nearly a decade. It’s her story of motherhood, heartbreak and finding inner strength. And it blazes like a ...

Samuel Pepys and 17c – the subjugation of women

Samuel Pepys’ diary is a prime source to understanding life in the 17th Century. Big Dance Theatre's 17c scratches below the surface to discuss the treatment of women througho...

Let’s drink to this version of La Traviata

Becca Marriott and Helena Jackson may have reduced La Traviata to a core storyline in two hours, but nothing of the emotion is missing from this revised opera. Camille Lapaix revie...

Review: Kneehigh bring Jim Dodge’s Fup onto stage

Set in Kneehigh’s wild, wonderful fairytale version of Cornwall with just six performers, Simon Harvey’s adaptation of Jim Dodge’s novel FUP is a real delight. Chloe Walton reviews...

Picasso’s Women – a different perspective

It's the tale of a painter from the perspective of three women in his life - Picasso's Women in a gallery of specially curated art, exhibited during the production run. D...

4.48 Psychosis reimagined by Deafinitely Theatre

Sarah Kane's final work, 4.48 Psychosis, has been restaged at New Diorama Theatre by bilingual theatre company, Deafinitely Theatre. Tom Ward reviews:

We are one. We are found. We are Adam

In his journey from Egypt to Glasgow, from female to male, Adam encapsulates the conflicts of the political and the personal, a non-binary individual in a binary society. Daniel Pe...

Vincent River – homophobia on Cardiff’s doorstep

Phillip Ridley's Vincent River has for the first time been relocated from London to Cardiff by theatre company No Boundaries. Emily Garside reviews:

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