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We are one. We are found. We are Adam

In his journey from Egypt to Glasgow, from female to male, Adam encapsulates the conflicts of the political and the personal, a non-binary individual in a binary society. Daniel Pe...

Vincent River – homophobia on Cardiff’s doorstep

Phillip Ridley's Vincent River has for the first time been relocated from London to Cardiff by theatre company No Boundaries. Emily Garside reviews:

The Awkward Years and what love is

The Other Room opens the Winter season with two familiar names - writer Matthew Bulgo and director Dan Jones. Emily Garside reviews one-woman show The Awkward Years:

An Adventure – big-hearted, epic, existential

The latest play from acclaimed playwright Vinay Patel, An Adventure tells the story of Patel’s grandparents as they crossed continents for a home worth fighting for. Annabel Mellor...

Misogyny and sexual violence – the Fabric of society?

A new production of Abi Zakarian's Fabric comes to London for a run at the Soho Theatre before it tours non-traditional theatre spaces in support of Solace Women's Aid. D...

The Woods – equal parts warmth and despair

Robert Alan Evans' The Woods is a murky, twilight production, on the fringes of nostalgia and horror. Playing at the Royal Court Upstairs, Daniel Perks reviews this complex tu...

Blood Wedding – classic tragedy reimagined with unwavering vigour

George Richmond-Scott’s reimagining of Lorca’s classic tragedy delivers a dark, contemporary London with unwavering vigour. Josh Brown was at the Omnibus Theatre for Miro.

10 years on stage, 100 years since War Horse

Ten years since its premiere at the National Theatre and one hundred years since the end of the First World War, War Horse embarks on its second UK tour. Ellie Woolman reviews:

The evocative Evita on tour again

Perhaps one of Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice’s most quintessential musicals of their time, catapulted in popularity by the hit 1996 film starring Madonna, Evita remains pertinen...

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