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A cabaret Royal Flush: Fringe 2019’s winning hand

It's a cabaret royal flush, a winning hand, a quartet of delight. Alfie Ordinary; Ginger Johnson; Len Blanco; Reuben Kaye. What a family tree. Daniel Perks reviews these four ...

Wholesome slapstick and innocent hilarity in Fishbowl

A return to classic slapstick fun, Fishbowl is driven by its impressive set design and strong comedic timing, even if the narrative gets lost among it all. Katherine Knight reviews...

E8: The Pupil Referral Unit in a broken education system

Some blazing acting is not quite enough to save this rather underwhelming analysis of Pupil Referral Units and the flaws in the British educational system. Maggie Kelly reviews E8:

Murder Ballads – bringing to life Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Driven by its character performances, if traditional in its content, Murder Ballads promises to be an hour of irreverent, late-night fun. Katherine Knight reviews: the narrative ve...

The War Of The Worlds, resonating today as a timeless classic

This isn’t The War of the Worlds that many will know and love. But with slick execution and an eerily relevant script, the aliens prove to be the least unnerving enemy within this ...

The Accident Did Not Take Place… we think…

Katherine Knight attempts to grapple with the latest offering from YESYESNONO, an experimental multimedia piece that seemingly defies explanation. The Accident Did Not Take Place:

The Incident Room – police stumbling over an infamous case

The infamous Yorkshire Ripper, eventually caught after a manhunt lasting years. Maggie Kelly reviews The Incident Room, the control room for the bumbling police investigation:


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