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Review – Segregation and motherhood are Spiked

Félicité du Jeu's Spiked focusses around three mothers, tackling segregation and culture. Is it as barbed as its title suggests? Nicole Acquah finds out.

Review – Will Bat Out Of Hell do anything for love?

Riding back into London’s West End, Jim Steinman’s Bat Out Of Hell is back for a second consecutive year, but will this production do anything for love?

Review – Chicago, and All That Jazz

The longest running musical revival is back, celebrating its 21st anniversary. But does this version of Chicago match up to its predecessors? Daniel Perks finds out.

Review – the big questions that Tremor

Brad Brich's Tremor distils some of the biggest questions about the world we live in through a single event and relationship.

Review – Cat Days

Jon Frickey’s Cat Days is an animated short that isn’t the most inspiring of stories, but is fresh and beautiful in its artistry and design.

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