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"He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed."

- Albert Einstein


This Is Miro Magazine

Miro Magazine is an independent, high-end, culture magazine offering a unique perspective on the very best emerging talent.

Derived from the Latin translation of wonder, 'Miro' is driven by a team of young, ambitious and pioneering individuals with a passion to support, promote and inspire popular culture. We want to build a home for all emerging creative talent, empower artistic expression and advocate forward-thinking throughout the arts.

We look to the future. We keep our imaginations sharp. We live to wonder.

Meet Our Team

Miro's Editors
Josh Brown, Miro Magazine

Josh Brown


As arts funding is slashed and education costs increase, the future can sometimes look bleak for emerging creatives. I founded Miro in 2017 as a home for creativity; a place to discover and be discovered. I have worked in arts marketing and PR since graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London where I studied Drama and Theatre Studies. Internet Explorer could probably run faster than me.  

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Chloe Walton
Deputy Editor


I have worked in Marketing, across a variety of sectors, since graduating with a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies from Royal Holloway, University of London. I love a good cat cuddle. 

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Daniel Perks, Miro Magazine

Daniel Perks
Theatre Editor


As a fan of emerging theatre, you can find me all over the Off West End laughing, crying and applauding the amazing talent in this sector.

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Tom Hitchenor
Film & TV Editor


I'm a proud Yorkshire man who has resided sporadically throughout the UK and managed to squeeze in a year living abroad in New Zealand. Film and TV enthusiast in addition to being a useful Centre Back.. 


Ruby Flanagan
Music Editor


I am a 22-year-old Northerner with a degree in Journalism living in the big smoke. I am an avid lover of emerging music, the vinyl revival, mid-week gigs and the occasional whiskey. 

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2017 - 2018

Amy Fry

Annabel Mellor

Bryony Cole

Camille Lapaix

Catherine McLaughlin

Cindy Marcolina

Ed Nightingale

Elena Bella

Elliot Baker

Emily Garside

Emma Thorpe

Geoff Williams

Georgie Anderson

Gillian Fisher

Hatty Uwanogho

James Warrington

Jonathan Penney

Jonny Arnold

Lucy Brown

Lucy Curtis

Lucy Rahim

Nance Haxton

Nastazja Somers

Nicole Acquah

Paddy Freeland

Sami Armstrong

Samuel Sims

Shaun Nolan

Sian Brett

Sophie Talbot

Tom Hitchenor

Tom Preston

Tom Ward

We would like to recognise the wonderful artwork and photography used to make the Miro site as colourful as it is.
Thank you to the artists and photographers who have provided their work in-kind. 


Site photography and art: Allef Vinicius, Austin Neill, Ayo Ogunseinde, Bobby Stevenson, Christal Yuen, Jakob Owens, Joanna Kosinska, John Raptis, Josh Brown, Kilyan Sockalingu, Noah Van de Wet, Rosie Kerr, Sergei Gavrilov, Sidney Perry and Warren Wong.