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REVIEW: Bryan Chua – Found: It’s a cute and straightforward song about being in love and that’s just lovely

Be prepared to swoon: Bryan Chua released his new single 'Found' on April 3rd and it's unashamedly a contender for the next 'first dance' track at weddings...

INTERVIEW: The Blue Stones talk hip-hop, juggling a masters with music and living in Leeds

Miro Magazine's Ellie Kemp caught up with self-proclaimed 'Canadian rejects' The Blue Stones where they talked hip-hop, juggling a masters with music and living in L...

Review: Sunday at Gunnersville London

It’s been a week since the Gunnersville Concert series in London, so what made the Sunday so special? The final day of Gunnersville can only be described as a noughties emo's ...

Miro Magazine’s Top 8 Unmissable Gigs this Autumn/Winter

The summer may have ended but the gigs keep-a-comin!We at Miro Magazine have researched, analysed and compiled together a selection of brilliant gigs and festivals featuring t...

Anais Mitchell: Folk Roots and Hadestown presence

Anais Mitchell, the genius behind multi-Tony award-winning Hadestown, performs a one-night only concert at The Queen's Hall. Daniel Perks spends an evening in this glorious so...

Cat Loud’s Torch Songs – unrequited love with blissful reverence

The songs of unrequited love, lost love or a love that was always doomed to end. These are the Torch Songs from Cat Loud, and they are glorious. Daniel Perks reviews:

INTERVIEW: Emerging Composer Gina Loughlin talks in depth all about her recent project – the new story-driven online game ‘Towertale’

Miro Magazine’s Music Editor Ruby Flanagan chats to Gina Loughlin, an emerging composer from Manchester about her latest project: the story-driven computer game Towertale.

Heelapalooza Festival 2019 Review

On June 23rd this year Middlesbrough welcomed the fresh and exciting Heelapalooza Festival. Coral Daniels checked this brand-new festival out for Miro Magazine

Music Box Festival 2019: The Highlights

Miro Magazine’s Coral Daniels checks out the electrifying Northern talent at Darlington’s Music Box festival. Here are her festival highlights:

INTERVIEW: German indie band Giant Rooks chat all things ‘Wild Stare’, future plans and their favourite UK city to play

Miro Magazine’s Music Editor Ruby Flanagan caught up with German indie band Giant Rooks to get to know them a little better before they explode onto the indie music scene.