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SONIC A.M – Leading the way for Indie Punk in the North West

Sonic A.M have solidified their place in the northern indie punk scene and with their debut album set for release later this year; the future looks exciting for Sonic A.M.

Cornish-based Milo Gore talks new EP ‘Too Much Too Soon’

Ahead of the release of their new EP Too Much Too Soon, Ellie Woolman catches up with Milo Gore to discuss his inspirations, mental health and the future. 

The Parkinsons: A long way to nowhere

Caroline Richards' portrait of the noughties' answer to the Sex Pistols should come with a warning: contains nudity, profanity, alcohol abuse, violence and incitement to ...

GRRRL are back in London for one night only

GRRRL perform Archspace, London for one night only before flying to the Gold Coast to perform at the Closing Celebration of the Commonwealth Games followed by an Australian Tour.

Guest Post: Colours at the Italian Cultural Institute

Ahead of a special performance of Colours at the Italian Cultural Institute on 15th March, the writer Laura-Jane Foley gives readers of Miro magazine an exclusive insight into the ...

Lonely The Brave Announce Departure of Frontman David Jakes

Lonely The Brave have announced that frontman David Jakes has left the band with Jakes citing his mental health problems as a key factor.

The 15 best songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season Three

Rachel Bloom’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend would be nothing without the amazing catalogue of songs that she’s produced for the show, the kind of comedy spoofs that you don’t even need to w...

Alexandra Palace Launches New Music & Arts Festival Kaleidoscope

This Summer, London’s Alexandra Palace will launch Kaleidoscope, a new one-day festival which will welcome a variety of music, comedy and theatre arts.The newly launched event ...

Muso by Impropera – Singing Hidden Treasures to Life

After a highly successful 2016 tour, Impropera brings Muso back to selected museums across London in 2017-18. Camille LaPaix and Cindy Marcolina catch the group at the Grant Museum...

Preview, “Jazz Before Jazz Was Jazz”

In collaboration with Kansas Smitty's, The Arts Society announce their new project, Jazz Before Jazz Was Jazz.