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Growing up in Kat Woods’ Killymuck estate

Kat Woods' Killymuck paints a futile, bleak picture of life on the Killymuck estate in the 1970s, as the class system becomes ever wider. Sound familiar? Maybe nothing much ha...

Anarchy, beauty, celebrity – Little Death Club

Bernie Dieter brings together a fierce family of cabaret and circus artists, under the Little Death Club, celebrating underground cabaret in the mainstream. Daniel Perks reviews:

One night out, One Life Stand for Middle Child

Middle Child return to Edinburgh with their latest production - Eve Nicol's debut, One Life Stand. It's a complex painting of a typical cosmopolitan night out. Daniel Per...

Not stripped down, but dressed. by Higginson

This real-life quartet of friends perform Lydia Higginson's personal account of being stripped at gun point in dressed. - a complex collaboration. Daniel Perks reviews:

The Shift of energy for Barely Methodical Troupe

Barely Methodical Troupe returns to Underbelly Circus Hub with Shift, a piece of theatrical circus that bursts with curiousity and energy. It harks back to the days of Bromance. Da...

Electrolyte – gig theatre to battle mental health

It's ok not to be ok in Electrolyte, a piece of gig theatre that highlights the issues surrounding mental health. Jonathan Penney reviews:

The Trojan Horse inquiry, radicalisation in Birmingham

Trojan Horse is one of the bravest pieces of theatre to grace the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. Jonathan Penney explains why:

The anger, being stuck in a small Island Town

In a small Island Town, there is no escape. Simon Longman's play capitalises on the neverending cycle of rage and angst. Until one teenager tries to break the cycle. Daniel Pe...