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Pathetic Fallacy: the stand-in doesn’t stack up

A green screen provides some interesting opportunities. But while packed with information, a lack of interactivity results in Pathetic Fallacy falling flat. Katherine Knight review...

Swallows: eco-terrorism in a zero waste venue

An interesting exploration of a future that could easily strike fear into its audience, but Swallows makes for difficult viewing in more ways than one. Katherine Knight reviews:

Before The Revolution: counting down to 25 January 2011

Before the Revolution, despite its simplicity, proves a poignant and reflective discussion of how miniscule causes lead up to a great event. Katherine Knight reviews:

Bible John – serial killers, true crime, female victimhood

A disappointingly thin analysis of female victimhood by the Charlie Hartill Theatre Reserve Award winners for 2019. Maggie Kelly reviews Bible John:

Woman! Pilot! Pirate? Amelia Earhart… we think…

A fantastic show for those who love seeing tunes on the melodica, inventive crab masks and conspiracy theories abound. Katherine Knight reviews Woman! Pilot! Pirate?

Reuben Kaye plunges into The Kaye Hole for a night to remember

Moving from a show very much for adults, Reuben Kaye descends further into late night cabaret. Regulars and guests join the foray, as Daniel Perks tries out The Kaye Hole:

Die! Die! Die! Old People Die! Quite the provocative title…

Die! Die! Die! Old People Die! A moth-eaten clown show that, while amusing, has something rather cruel about it. Maggie Kelly reviews:

Untapped Award Winners 2019 at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Untapped Award winners for 2019 all perform at the Underbelly Cowgate this year. Are they as impactful as their predecessors? Daniel Perks finds out:

A cabaret Royal Flush: Fringe 2019’s winning hand

It's a cabaret royal flush, a winning hand, a quartet of delight. Alfie Ordinary; Ginger Johnson; Len Blanco; Reuben Kaye. What a family tree. Daniel Perks reviews these four ...