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A different performance each time, using audience Body Language

Ireland’s award-winning CoisCéim Dance Theatre embrace spontaneity with a multi-layered exploration of non-verbal communication. Josephine Balfour-Oatts reviews Body Language:

A modern-day Oedipus, Robert Icke’s political production

Reimagining the classic Greek tragedy for a common audience, Robert Icke brings Oedipus to the Edinburgh stage. Maggie Kelly reviews this modern piece of political commentary:

The sci-fi story involving You And I

You and I is an ambitious undertaking and promises something greater – a sci-fi musical that keeps human relationship at its core. Katherine Knight reviews:

The Art of Skipping – a passion for the stars even as they start to fade

A new musical at the Fringe which handles its difficult material and constraints well – a pleasant morning performance. Katherine Knight reviews The Art Of Skipping:

Daphne, Or Hellfire – environmentalism in a capitalist world

Although it strays from the intended realism, it's all the better for it - Daphne, or Hellfire ends as an effective parable likely to haunt its audience for some time after. K...

Raven: German circus of motherhood and artistry

A decision between career and kids, Raven grabs you where it hurts, twists until you bleed and then showers you with love afterwards. Stupendous work according to Maggie Kelly:

Honesty and chemistry in the Knot of a relationship

Internationally acclaimed circus duo Nikki & JD take Edinburgh by storm with Knot, an exploration of LGBTQIA+ identity and the roots of their companionship. Josephine Balfour-Oatts...

Mika Johnson’s Pink Lemonade – queer is not a commodity

Mika Johnson's Pink Lemonade is a powerful fusion of spoken word and narrative, navigating queer life and falling for the cis-het stereotype. Daniel Perks can empathise: