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Episode 6: Mental Health in Theatre

In this episode of the Making Theatre Podcast with Miro Magazine, Geoff chats to Joel Fisher about mental health in theatre and how the industry should aim to be more open.

Episode 5: One Person Shows

The Making Theatre Podcast is back! In this episode Geoff talks to David William Bryan about the art of the one-person show.

Episode 4: Awkward Conversations

This month on the Making Theatre Podcast, Geoff talks to Linus Karp about making theatre in the UK having moved here from abroad with different cultural experiences.

Episode 3: What’s in a review?

This month on the Making Theatre Podcast, Geoff discusses the intricacies, complexities and consequences of reviewing with guest Dan Rebellato.

Episode 2: Multiple Hats

What am I? I discuss the multiple hats we must all wear in this industry and chat to Jon Tozzi from Paper Creatures Theatre in Episode 2 of the Making Theatre Podcast.

Episode 1: There’s No Magic Bullet

I should warn you that this article will probably frustrate you. On the other hand, hopefully it will inspire you. It offers no easy solutions, but along with Episode 1 of the Maki...