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Review – Chicago, and All That Jazz

The longest running musical revival is back, celebrating its 21st anniversary. But does this version of Chicago match up to its predecessors? Daniel Perks finds out.

Review – the big questions that Tremor

Brad Brich's Tremor distils some of the biggest questions about the world we live in through a single event and relationship.

Review – Gauhar Jaan and The Datia Incident

Gauhar Jaan – The Datia Incident reimagines the tantalising story of India’s first recording artist and her confrontation with a power-hungry maharaja.

Review – Sex/ Crime in The Glory

Journalist Camille Lapaix is led into the American Psycho styled basement of The Glory. She is hit with words as hard as Jonny Woo hits Alexis Gregory in the dark fetishism of Sex/...

Review – a self-proclaimed Coconut

Guleraana Mir's Coconut subtly draws out the subject of a toxic religion. The Thelmas partnership of Moore and Mir ensures that the focus lies on the individual rather than on...

Review – lyrical verses, moving lights, Plastic

Kenneth Emson's Plastic expresses adolescent pressure in a way that gets to the heart of its emotions through verse. Always playful; sometimes comical; hauntingly ironic.

Review – flaws unmasked, family Reared

John Fitzpatrick’s play Reared looks at an inter-generational family and asks, how do we care for everyone without giving up everything?

Review – The Ethiopian Dreams of Circus Abyssinia

The love of circus caught brothers Bibi & Bichu at a young age in Kaffa, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Dreams is a celebration of their own desires come to life.