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Miss Littlewood Review – RSC

‘Marrying pathos with panache’, ‘Miss Littlewood’ is a sparkling, joyful production with moments of real poignancy. Sam Kenyon’s creation is a must-see moving tribute to the immens...

A new gay musical – GUY searching for a soulmate

A new musical by leoe&hyde about searching for a soulmate in the modern gay world. Nicole Acquah reviews GUY: A New Musical

Lovecraft (Not the sex shop in Cardiff)

A real, frank look at love, with a cwtch in the middle, Carys Eleri's Lovecraft is not (directly) about the sex shop in Cardiff. Emily Garside reviews:

A fiery, near-reality dystopia – quarantined Beirut

An AIDS-like disease has plagued the nation in a near-reality future. Alan Bowne's consequential commentary Beirut looks at the fallout of such quarantine:

A day in the life of Section 2 by Peter Imms

A pivotal depiction of a day in the life for Cam, day 28 of his Section 2 on the mental health unit. Peter Imms draws on experience in this evocative play:

No One Is Coming To Save You, writes Ellis

Nathan Ellis' play states that No One Is Coming To Save You. As the world sleeps, two characters navigate the fuzzy in-between. Daniel Perks reviews:

Exploding out of the mould to Nine Foot Nine

Suddenly all the women in the world grow to Nine Foot Nine - Alex Wood's script focusses on effect over cause, in a confluence of clever complexity: