The Arts&Minds 2018 charity auction raised $30,000 for mental health charity Anglicare, a culmination of work by five established and five emerging artists:

The culmination of the commissions from five established Brisbane artists paired with five emerging artists was unveiled at the Anglicare Arts&Minds gala event and auction on 31 May 2018.

Over 200 attendees marked this important mental health initiative, organised to raise funds for the charity Anglicare to help support their mental health projects. Introduced by MC Meshel Laurie, speed painter Brad Blaze created three incredible pieces of art which were won in a raffle, before auction host, Ben ‘Dobbo’ Dobbins – aka Triple M’s footy insider – worked his magic to raise over $30,000.


Image courtesy of Anglicare Southern Queensland

Arts&Minds aims for an increase in public conversation about mental health. After pairing the five emerging artists with a renewed established artist over an eight-hour session, each duo painted an individual canvas in response to a mental health topic. Through the added element of mentorship, important connections can be made and conversations had, taking the creative process to another step and  forging  stronger understandings between the pairs of artists.


Spectator Jonze (image courtesy of Anglicare Southern Queensland)

Miro journalist Nance Haxton interviewed one of these artist pairings – Brisbane-based contemporary fine artist & street artist Matt Stewart and emerging Brisbane digital artist Spectator Jonze. They were given the inspirational word ‘release’ and the final work was featured on 35 giant digital billboards around Brisbane before the auction.



Arts&Minds 2018 is a campaign organised by NPO Anglicare. The Gala Auction of the produced art took place on 31 May 2018. For more information, visit the website.