Curator and writer Jamie Sterns is working with Andrew Edlin to bring you a global response to their new project Et Tu, Art Brute?

Edlin questions what the true definition of an artist is in modern day society. What does the process of making art feel like and how does one earn the right to experience the art making process? With so much creative opportunity and access to material, process and inspiration, does society set the standards of what is good, original art even higher? In doing so, does the process of general creativity become less achievable and therefore daunting and restrictive?

Sterns states that this exhibition pushes against the pressures of hierarchy within the art world, which could ultimately restrict and hold creatives back from their true skills. The project aims to break down all barriers that may cause creative restriction including ability, level of success and background to create an inviting environment for all.

Over 700 artists from over 250 cities have submitted original works in whatever medium they wish, with a submission process open to artists of all statuses so long as it fits in an envelope no bigger than 16 by 20 inches.

Amongst this fabulous array of artists is Nicci James, an artist who spoke with us back in September when she presented her latest series of embroidery work entitled ‘Nasty Flowers’. These stunning embroideries sat part of an exhibition with Nasty Women UK at Stour Space, here in London. This winter, the playful approach and skilful handling of material that Nicci is so well known for, continues with further illustrative embroidery on the other side of the pond, for Et Tu, Art Brute?

The experimental texture and colour of the embroideries emphasise highly poisonous, although incredibly delicate blooms which including Monkshood and Oleander. Her concept builds upon what defies seeming fragility, in this case as a delicate flower of visual pleasure, and demands respect from underlying power and strength.

Embroidery work by Nicci James will be displayed alongside work from 700 other artists as part of a rotation in the underground space of the Andrew Edlin Gallery. The environment for the work has been created by Quintessa Matragna. Considered and dynamic, the space is calming, welcoming, inspiring and a representation of true creative collaboration and artistic identity.

In the spirit of creativity, everyone should forever be able to create. This exhibition aims to prove the incredible outcomes that can evolve from the talented minds out there when they are given the opportunity to apply themselves within a comfortable environment. This theory connects to the positive, fun and dynamic identity of the Andrew Edlin Gallery.

EYES PEELED: Et Tu, Art Brute? will run from November 17th 2017 until January 28th 2018 in the AEG Underground Gallery of the Andrew Edlin Gallery, Ney York.

All artworks will be on sale for $200 each, including Nicci’s Nasty Flowers. Artists receive 50% of each sale.

For Further information visit Andrew Edlin Gallery Here

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