Rachel Bloom’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend would be nothing without the amazing catalogue of songs that she’s produced for the show, the kind of comedy spoofs that you don’t even need to watch the show to find funny. Super fan Shaun Nolan ranks the best 15 songs from the show’s latest season.

I would like to put in my case now to argue that I am the biggest fan of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend there is, so much so that I happily re-watch random episodes almost daily just to bask in the glory of them. And I also listen to songs from the show every single day… but anyway, this is exactly why I think I’m the right candidate to rank the best 15 out of a possible 30+ songs from the show’s latest season for you! Let’s begin, shall we?…

#15 – “The Moment is Me”

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of musical theatre, so when this song was spat out at us as a lovely send-up of the “I can do it” musical theatre song trope, I was in stitches. The best part about this? Vella Lovell’s fantastic delivery, almost as though Heather can’t control the cliché things she’s singing but delivers them nonetheless. It’s genius!

#14 – “Strip Away My Conscience”

Sexy songs on Crazy Ex are always some of the best and this one was not only funny, but also incredibly catchy. It’s got that kind of Chicago-style sexy beat that gets stuck in your head after only even listening to it once. Also, Rachel Bloom is such a brilliant vocalist and this song is a perfect showcase of just that.

#13 – “Buttload of Cats”

This song is beyond random in the episode, but that’s exactly what makes it so funny. And I don’t only love it for the amazing cat puppets, I promise…

#12 – “I’m Just A Boy In Love”

As you will see from this list, I absolutely love it when they reprise songs on Crazy Ex ages later than the original number and in a totally new way and this is a prime example. I was obsessed with the season two theme tune and now that Trent is the new Rebecca, it was so perfect to have him do a version of this song. As soon as I heard the opening chords, I screamed out with glee! I’m also obsessed with how hodge-podge this version is in comparison to how high-budget the original video was.

#11 – “Face Your Fears (Reprise)”

Again, I’m back at it with the amazing reprises, but how could I not after we heard this song almost two years ago now!? What an amazing payoff! The original was the absolutely hilarious introduction to Paula, but this one is so heartfelt, it brought me to tears.

#10 – “The End of the Movie”

When Crazy Ex takes a random trope and makes a song all about it (Buttload of Cats being an earlier example of this), it’s always ridiculous and this doesn’t disappoint. Not only are the lyrics hilariously random, but the inclusion of Josh Groban!? So meta! I loved it!

#9 – “This Session Is Going To Be Different”

“Maybe This Time” from Cabaret – the song which this one is based upon – is one of my favourite songs of all-time. Doctor Akopian is also probably my favourite character on the show. So, go figure, this is one of the best songs this show has ever done for me.

#8 – “After Everything You Made Me Do (That You Didn’t Ask For)”

The original version of this song sung by Paula about Rebecca in season one (based upon the famous Gypsy tune “Rose’s Turn”) was one of the best songs from that season of the show, so this Rebecca-style remake was an amazing season-opener. And again, I love reprises!

#7 – “A Diagnosis”

At first, I thought this number was going to be totally silly and while it does have funny lyrics, it’s actually a pretty heartfelt hit. The thing that makes it so special is how bloody catchy it is. I was singing “a diagnooooooooosis” for days after first hearing it.

#6 – “He’s The New Guy”

The original version of this ultra-meta song last season didn’t ever appeal to me, but this version got me in stitches and completely bowled me over. The best moment? “Just because now he became a season regular and by season regular I mean he eats Bran in the Spring”. Too funny!

#5 – “This Is My Movement”

“I’ve got to… shhhhhhine a light on this issue!” This song still makes me laugh out loud every time I listen to it (three times today and counting), and I hate poop jokes! This loving sendup of millennial culture assuming that a hashtag is the crux of a social justice movement is something I didn’t know I needed until Gabrielle Ruiz dumped it on me (pun intended).

#4 – “I Feel Like This Isn’t About Me”

Cornelia (Bayne Gibby) was only in this show for one episode and this little interlude was completely random and linked to nothing, but for that, I loved it. Also, it’s so catchy!

#3 – “Maybe She’s Not Such A Heinous Bitch After All”

Anyone who has a bit of a love/hate relationship with their mother can seriously relate to this song and to make matters better, it’s an incredibly catchy spoof of doo-bop songs with some very well written lyrics. One of the season’s – and maybe the show as a whole’s – best for sure.

#2 – “Let’s Generalise About Men”

This was the season’s lead hit song and for good reason, because not only is the situation portrayed extremely relatable, but because everything themed to the 80s is brilliant.

#1 – “The First Penis I Saw”

Donna Lynne Champlin is the best part about this show bar-none and this anthem, clearly inspired by ABBA’s Mamma Mia!, is absolutely ludicrous in the best possible way. It also doesn’t help that, like most of the songs on this list, it’s incredibly catchy. I have had it on repeat for weeks now and I keep going to sing it in public, which might not be the best idea…

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend seasons one, two and three are available now on Netflix.