With Descendants 2 airing on Disney Channel on Friday, rising Disney stars Dove Cameron and Cameron Boyce talk love, life in the public eye, and the Isle of the Lost with Film & TV editor, Frankie Crossley. 

Following the success of Disney Channel’s Descendants in 2015, director Kenny Ortega is back with what’s sure to be a hit sequel to the musical fantasy film. Starring Dove Cameron as Mal, daughter of Maleficent, and Cameron Boyce as Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil, the film sees Mal struggling with life as a Princess, and seeking to return to the Isle of the Lost.

Fresh from LA, Dove and Cameron sat down with Miro to chat about the follow-up, and tell us what life on the road is really like.

“We haven’t seen it,” says Cameron of his first visit to London. “We’ve been doing this all day, but we have six more days here.” On the agenda when the pair get a minute is a trip for something sweet. “I’m going to take him to Ladurée,” says Dove.

With Descendants 2 having already premiered in the USA, and coming to screens on our side of the pond on Friday, the pair promise a bigger, bolder adventure awaits.

“It’s everything that the first one was but times 10, plus more sword fighting and action,” says Dove. As for those all important action scenes, “they’re detail orientated, very choreographed. It’s a dance without music, and then also with forty or fifty people all doing a synchronised thing.”

“Honestly it was really difficult because there was so much that was going on, but you also had to rely on the other people to be in the right place at the right time,” adds Cameron. “So I’d have a sword fight with someone, and Sophia was in a sword fight with another person, and both of our sword fights had to end at exactly the same time, and it’s like a minute long that we’re fighting. And there’s nothing to really measure it. So you have to be in perfect sync with everyone which is tough, but we got it.”

Disney Channel's original movie "Descendants 2" stars Dove Cameron as Mal. (Disney Channel/Bob D'Amico)

Disney Channel’s original movie “Descendants 2” stars Dove Cameron as Mal. Photo: Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico

Fighting the bad guys might come as second nature to Mal and Carlos, but Dove says she’d channel a Greek goddess if in danger. “I’d be Hades daughter. She’s got the power of hell behind her. You could be a dragon all day long but Hades, come on?” And who would she take on if she could pick one villain?

“Yzma, Jafar could do magic,” she says.

“Yeah, I’m not taking on Jafar. I’d actually take on Cruella,” adds Cameron.

Back to the real world, life as a rising Disney star must be a huge pressure for the actors. So how do they cope with the pressure of being so in-demand and in the public eye?

“I think a lot of people do [change], I think you and I haven’t,” says Dove. “I think that both Cameron and I are similar in the sense that we have always been on the outside of it by choice in terms of our off time and our mental space and our social life than a lot of other people. It’s an easy world to get crumpled up into and both of us when we can we take our time from it, because I think we both see it for what it is.”

Cameron Boyce as Carlos in "Descendants 2". Photo: Disney Channel/Bob D'Amico

Cameron Boyce as Carlos in “Descendants 2”. Photo: Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico

“We have crazy lives,” agrees Cameron. “After this movie came out I took a lot of time to do other things like travel. I was just in Utah to visit a friend, it’s cool to separate yourself a little bit. So I’ve taken a lot of time to myself. And I’ve taken on a lot of hobbies that I wouldn’t have if I was working.”

So, do any of those hobbies include making romantic attachments?

“Dating is interesting in Hollywood because, it’s funny, there are a lot of people who would like to date you, and it’s weird. It’s difficult to think about it because we’re very removed from that and we don’t pay attention to that stuff,” says Cameron.

“I think especially being a Disney actor. Unless you are one I think dating one would be so overwhelming,” adds Dove, who would never kowtow to the paparazzi for publicity. “I’ve always been very public about it because I don’t know how to not…I couldn’t ever fabricate anything in my life especially something that important.”

“You end up seeing a lot of actors date other actors because they know what’s going on. When I leave for three months you’ll know why, you’ll understand the position that I’m in and all the politics of it. But yeah, dating is dating,” laughs Cameron.

So what’s next for the rising stars?

“Who even knows, you know? I have a new movie coming out,” says Dove, who will appear in the film adaptation of young adult novel, Dumpling. “It’s a really beautiful story about body positivity. I was really lucky to be a part of it. Then the next is music after that. My first single is called ‘Talks About’ and that’s all I can really say.”

Descendants 2 premieres on Friday 20th October at 5.30pm on Disney Channel.