Get your freak on at Regent Street Cinema on 28th October with Initiation, an all nighter of horror film favourites from Cigarette Burns. 

Having taken a little time out since their last All Nighter in 2015, lovers of all celluloid films projected at 35mm, Cigarette Burns is returning with a Halloween special at the Regent Street Cinema. Showcasing a traditionally barmy selection of films, the event will feature films from across the globe accompanied by the inimitable acoustics of Pentagram Home Video presented in 7″ acetate for one night and one night only. Guests should come dressed to the nines for the costume competition and can expect a host of ghoulish giveaways.

Here’s what’s on:

The Killing of Satan: A cacophony of chaos from The Philippines in which an ex criminal must save fair maiden from evil wizards and Satan.

The Killing of Satan

The Bogey Man: classic 80s slasher from the USA in which a young woman witnesses the murder of her mother’s partner. The film has one of Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 25 Film Soundtracks.

The Boogey Man

The Brotherhood of Satan: One family is trapped in a town where the elderly operate a cult which recruits children to worship Satan. The 70s film is seldom shown and is imported from Sony archive.

The Brotherhood of Satan

Re-Animator: Gory 80s horror from Lovecraft in which a medical student gets involved in experiments aiming to re-animate dead tissue.


Suspiria: The first screening of Dario Argento’s film in too long, fresh from a 40 year old print. The film follows a ballet academy that operates as a front for more sinister goings on, as a newcomer is unlucky enough to discover.


Initiation begins at 11pm at 309 Regent St, Marylebone, London W1B 2UW. For more information and to book, click here