Making Theatre Podcast

with Geoffrey Williams

Here's The Lowdown

Miro Magazine is proud to be teaming up with director and playwright Geoff Williams to present a brand new podcast for emerging theatre makers. 


Geoff's podcast, Making Theatre, is a gathering of ideas about how theatre is made, especially on the fringe. In each episode, he promises to chat to someone exciting (a director, a designer, a producer and so on) about how they do what they do. He says his aim is "to create a resource where people can come and find out about different approaches. The intention is to describe as many approaches as I can, rather than to prescribe how things should be done." 


Any views and opinions expressed in the podcast are those of the author(s) and may not directly reflect the position of Miro Magazine. 

Artwork by Indiana Shirley

Latest Episodes

Making Theatre Podcast

Episode 7: Treasure Your Stage Manager

In this episode of the Making Theatre Podcast for Miro Magazine, Geoff Williams talks to Stage Manager Lucy Mason Lockett about stage management in theatre:

Episode 6: Mental Health in Theatre

In this episode of the Making Theatre Podcast with Miro Magazine, Geoff chats to Joel Fisher about mental health in theatre and how the industry should aim to be more open.

Episode 5: One Person Shows

The Making Theatre Podcast is back! In this episode Geoff talks to David William Bryan about the art of the one-person show.

Episode 4: Awkward Conversations

This month on the Making Theatre Podcast, Geoff talks to Linus Karp about making theatre in the UK having moved here from abroad with different cultural experiences.

Episode 3: What’s in a review?

This month on the Making Theatre Podcast, Geoff discusses the intricacies, complexities and consequences of reviewing with guest Dan Rebellato.

Episode 2: Multiple Hats

What am I? I discuss the multiple hats we must all wear in this industry and chat to Jon Tozzi from Paper Creatures Theatre in Episode 2 of the Making Theatre Podcast.