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The Olivier Awards Winners 2019

The winners of the 43rd Olivier Awards was announced in a live ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this evening.The previously announced nominations (via a Facebook Live ...

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Going Through with Omar Elarian

Going Through is a French play by theatre maker Estelle Savesta. Written for both a deaf actress and a hearing actress, it tells the story of a young woman in an unspecified countr...

Nigel Slater, Toast and the nostalgia of food

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The Crucible, the first Yard revival, for modern times

The Crucible, a play about a community divided by fear because of the lies a bunch of children tell, hardly needs to be dragged by the scruff of the neck and shoehorned into 2019. ...


Olivier Awards 2019 – who’s going to win? Who should?

The Olivier Awards have always been a point of annual excitement for me. I’m very sad that they no longer live stream the ceremony into Covent Garden as that became a wonderful way...
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