Be prepared to swoon: Bryan Chua released his new single 'Found' on April 3rd and it's unashamedly a contender for the next 'first dance' track at weddings for the foreseeable future.

As time goes on, we need more ‘first dance’ love songs to come onto the scene as Ed Sheeran’s 2017 single Perfect has had its run. London-based Singaporean singer Bryan Chua released his 2020 single Found in April and this track is unashamedly a contender for the next romantic wedding waltz/love-scene song that will be paired with many first dances over the next few years.  

Found is a love song through and through. It’s a warm, humble with an enduring sweetness that radiates romance. The lyrics are simple and uncomplicated, and that simplicity adds an essence of relatability to the track.  The opening line “So this is how love’s meant to feel, Feel’s like it was made just for me” and the chorus stanza “I promise to love you I will, Keep this flame alive feed it with thrills” feels effortlessly written and honest especially paired with Chua’s soft and breathy vocals.

The strength of this track is in the arrangement. The gentle drumbeats and minimal guitar are delicate and pair perfectly with the background string harmonies that swell throughout the track with dramatic crescendos leading to the chorus. The bridge introduces a rousing electric guitar riff that will make you swoon and yearn for a passionate and burning love affair.

Found is a beautifully written and genuine track with a rustic and unpretentious vibe woven throughout. It’s a cute and straightforward song about being in love and that’s just lovely. Chua’s simple ¾ time signature makes his track Found the perfect candidate for the next wedding waltz and I do hope that this song gets the recognition it deserves.


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Header Image: Beng Hui Eu @benghui