Miro Magazine’s Music Editor Ruby Flanagan caught up with German indie band Giant Rooks to get to know them a little better before they explode onto the indie music scene.

Giant Rooks formed back in 2015 and consists of front-man Frederik Rabe (23) , guitarist Finn Schwieters (22) , bassist Luca Göttner (20) , keyboarder Jonathan Wischniowski (21), and drummer Finn Thomas (20). Their first EP ‘New Estate’ was released back in 2017 and the band released their second EP ‘Wild Stare’ earlier this year.

The band have built a loyal following over the past few years converting listeners into devoted fans with their innovative and exciting music and spellbinding live sets. There is a skill to performing and these lads have mastered it very early on, the stage-presence of the entire quintet is powerful and hypnotic, especially from front-man Frederik who’s command of the crowd with a pair of drumsticks and a scaled down drum kit is incredible.

The band have accumulated over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify with their exciting and inimitable sound which introduces an exhilarating edge to the indie genre. Their art-pop music merges together multiple styles and is littered with strong drumbeats, weighty bass and heavy piano blended together with glossy, smooth and distinguishing vocals.

Miro Magazine’s Music Editor Ruby Flanagan caught up with Giant Rooks after finishing their ‘Wild Stare’ tour to find out a little more about this emerging German five-piece:

Giant Rooks formed back in 2015 can you tell me a little bit about how the band formed? 

GR: We are from a small town called Hamm in Western Germany and started the band back in our high school days. Very classic story! It was very hard to find people who shared the same passion and vision about music and the band project in general, so we were quite lucky when we were together in the rehearsal space for the first time because everything just clicked immediately.

Photographer: Nils Lucas – Instagram: @Nils.lucas Facebook: https://bit.ly/2I4pfhM

How would you describe the music you create? And do you have any inspirations?

GR: We listen to all kinds of music: from American hip hop to more classic songwriting and indie music, to jazz. Just music we like. When it comes to our own work, we really try to combine all these different influences and mix it up in a new way that is exciting for us!

How do you go about writing your music? Is there one person driving it or is it a team effort- like does everyone chip in?

GR: Most of the time Fred comes up with a melody or rhythm. Then we start jamming in our rehearsal space and try to find arrangements and sounds we all dig. Sometimes there’s a magic moment where everyone in the band feels really excited, sometimes there isn’t such a moment after 2 weeks of making music together. But you also have to put all this effort in regardless in order to have those special moments that come from time to time.

You released your new EP Wild Stare earlier this year how was the writing process for that and are you happy with how it turned out?

GR: We were already playing 3 out of 4 tracks live in 2018 and it just felt right to put them on a record. We wrote the last track “King Thinking“ because we felt there was a mood and sound missing that we really wanted to be on that EP as well.

Still from ‘100mg’ single video Youtube: https://bit.ly/2K5NCxM

What’s everyone’s favourite track from the New EP?

GR: It’s probably “Wild Stare” – We like the energy and the brass section!

You recently did a string of gigs in the UK including Brighton’s Great Escape Festival – how did you think they went and are you surprised at the amount of listeners you have over here?

GR: We met some crazy fans during that UK run – in a very positive way. It’s overwhelming how passionate some people in the UK are about our band. We’re so grateful for that since we’ve always dreamed of playing shows in the UK. Big thanks for making it possible!

What was your favourite date you’ve played in the UK & why?

GR: If we had to chose, it’d be Manchester! This city feels like home to us. It’s always a great pleasure playing there.

Photographer: Nils Lucas – Instagram: @Nils.lucas Facebook: https://bit.ly/2I4pfhM

 What are the future plans for Giant Rooks? Have you got some festivals dates lined up? Any more single releases from Wild Stare?

GR: We’ll be playing festivals in Europe this summer. In between we will work on new music and head into the studio.

Is an album in the works? If not is there plans/ideas for one?

GR: We’re trying to take the time it needs. You only have one chance to make a debut album, so we have high expectations to really write the best songs we can – but yes: it’s our aim for 2019 to write and record the debut.

You are back in the UK this October for another few dates, it’s brilliant to get you guys back! Have you got a city you’re excited to go back to?

GR: Ohh we can’t wait to be back!! I don’t know which city to pick right now. Let’s talk again after the tour!

Giant Rooks are back in the UK this October for a string of shows in London, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. Grab your tickets here.
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