Coral Daniels sat down with Red Rum Club's vocalist Fran Doran and guitarist Michael McDermott to get to know them better and chat all things Red Rum Club.

Red Rum Club are the Liverpudlians who’re making waves with their americana infused indie rock, taking each stage by storm and consistently selling out venues. Currently touring, we wanted to get to know them better.

Fresh off the KU Bar stage at the Stockton Calling festival, in a blue minivan, Miro Magazine’s Coral Daniels, sat between vocalist Fran Doran and guitarist Michael McDermott, dodging the rice crackers and chargers, to chat all things Red Rum Club:

Given the fact the echoes of ‘Would you rather be lonely’ linger in the not too distant past, it makes sense to see how the gig went for them?

Michael: Fab!

Fran: Really really good, from the first song everyone was singin’ weren’t they

Michael: I had too much adrenaline and it felt like all the songs were slow, cause I was too pumped. I spent the whole set like tryin’ to speed it up but our drummer plays to metronome so it’s always the same tempo everywhere we go.

So do you normally get full of adrenaline before you play a show?

Michael: I’m just full of adrenaline anyway to be honest. Bit of a nightmare.

Are you the daredevil then, if you’ve always got this much adrenaline?

Fran: No. The opposite. He’s the opposite.

Michael: I’m too square

Fran:  He’s too rigidly thinking. It’s in his head where it happens, he’s like yes yes, it’s fine it’s all working.

Michael: But until that point I’m panicking, covering every little angle, I go over to the sound set and say make sure you turn the microphone on. They’re like I will do mate, it’s me job.

Photo Credit: Mal Whichelow

That must annoy some people?

Michael: Ah, yeah, I think it does but I know. I’m aware of it, so I apologise for it as i do it, so they don’t mind.


Have you played much around the North East then?

Michael: We did Tynemouth surf cafe. What a venue. It’s fucking special. We’ve done there three times. It’s a tiny little venue. We sold it out and it was only about 70 tickets.

Fran: We thought we were bigwigs, Haha!

Michael: We did our first Newcastle gig on this tour in March, It was the first night of the tour as well, at a place called Head of Steam, downstairs and that sold out. It set the sound for that whole tour. It was really lively.

Fran: It was very expensive as well because there was a stage invasion at the last song. It broke one of Neil’s stands for his drum.

Michael: He has in-ear monitors, so he can hear the click in his ears.

Fran: It was an encore so he never had them on, they were on the floor and someone stepped on them. It cost us £350.

Surely that’s a good thing though, if you’ve hyped everyone up so much that they want to invade the stage?

Fran: It is a good thing, I’m not complaining. It was Neil that was complaining.

After the good reception then, will you be heading over this side of the country again?

Fran: I’ve realised the more North you go the…

Michael: (interrupting) The madder they are!

Fran: You’re fucking nuts.

Michael: They won’t let us out in Glasgow. We’re grounded.


Michael: I wish I could tell ya, one day I’ll tell ya.

Fran: The further North the more we misbehave. But no we’re going to have to do it. We enjoy it and there’s an audience for it.

The big news for you guys recently, was the announcement that you’ll be playing Glastonbury this year, so are you nervous?

Fran: No. No, not yet. Maybe when I’m driving into it and see it the distance. Nervous we’ll look a mess on television. We don’t really get nervous to be honest with you

So if you’re doing all these gigs and festivals, how do you balance that with the day-today stuff you’ve got to do to fund being in a band?

 Fran: You’ve just got to do it. You’ve gotta be committed. You’ve gotta make sacrifices and surround yourself with people who will let you do this because they believe in you just as much. At the minute it is paying a good wage so hopefully we can become professional musicians.

Do you not already consider yourself professional musicians?

Fran: Yeah cause we earn money off it, but like so we can buy a house and stuff. I want like a Rolls Royce, I want a palace and stuff.

You’re debut album Matador has done really well, are there plans for another album coming out?

Michael: Well someone’s got to come up with the bacon.

Fran: We’re in talks at the minute but there are songs that have already been written. The second album will be out in a year, I guarantee it. I don’t know who’s putting it out or how much we’ll get for it but we are driven to put an album out straight away.

Michael: We’ve got songs, we’ve got plans but we’ve got a very busy year ahead.

So with that busy schedule referenced, it’s only fair to let the lads go and enjoy the rest of Stockton Calling, before they hopped back onto the road to the next show.

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