Jack Morley is breathing fresh air into his tracks by re-releasing stripped back acoustic versions that are uncomplicated and simple. Starting with the haunting new single; Ghostess.

Uncomplicated, simple, and to the point. Just how singer-songwriter Jake Morley likes it and his new acoustic single Ghostess showcases this best of all.

Ghostess is both haunting musically and lyrically. Morley has achieved a real poetry to the comparisons drawn between an ex-lover and being haunted by the paranormal, with lyrics like; “This place is haunted by the echoes of your elegance it’s like some dusty old museum with our love behind a velvet rope.” The acoustic sound exposes the raw emotion and soulfulness of his voice. It centers the listeners focus on the lyrics and how it makes them feel; rather than being clouded over with the distraction of a full band.

“When you strip everything back you remove the barrier between the song and the listener, so there’s nowhere for the artist to hide”

The 35-year-old singer is in the process of recording more stripped back versions of his own songs and taking them on tour later this year.

Jake Morley’s Single Art; Ghostess

Morley explained what he wanted to do, saying: “When you strip everything back you remove the barrier between the song and the listener, so there’s nowhere for the artist to hide” They’re going to be released one-by-one over the coming months through Sandwich Emporium Records.

He’s going to play twenty of the UK’s most intimate venues- a calculated decision. “It was the same principle when we picked the most up-close and intimate venues we could find for the tour” Morley explained, “I wanted to minimize the divisions between the stage and the audience, so it’ll just be them, the songs and me.”

With such starkly beautiful songs, it’s easy to see why he’s heading to the USA and Canada in 2019 and has been receiving plays on BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music, with people comparing him to the likes of: Ed Sheeran, Joe Bonamassa and Ben Howard. Ghostess was released on July 20th through Sandwich Emporium Records and produced and mixed by Calum McColl.

Jake Morley has packed his summer full of festival shows appearing at Here comes the Sun, Folk East Festival, and Greenbelt Fest. His continues his busy schedule with his autumn tour, playing shows at iconic intimate venues across the country, such as The Eagle Inn in Salford, Henry Tudor House in Shrewsbury, and the Campfire Nest in London. His tour starts on the 14th September at the Pipefest in Lancashire.

To grab tickets for his autumn tour head to his website and to keep up to date with everything Jake Morley is up to in the next few months follow his social medias;

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