Strangeways Here We Come, is a major UK feature film, based in Salford. It’s due to be released in cinemas on October 5th and Manchester’s beloved 10-piece EDM collective (The Moods) have not one, but two of their tracks featuring on the soundtrack.

The Dark British Comedy/Drama, directed by Chris Green, will premiere at Manchester’s Vue Cinema ,at the Printworks, on October 4th. The star-studded cast includes: Michelle Keegan,Ellaine Cassidy, Stephen Lord, Lauren Socha and Nina Wadia.

The film follows  the desperate residents of the Owen Street estate in Salford, who are “Sucked into debt and finding themselves trapped by evil loan shark Danny Nolan.” They conclude that “the only way to free themselves is by bumping him off. One fateful morning, after a rollicking, sexy house party, that’s exactly what happens.”

The Moods – Strangeways Here We Come // Press Shot

Problems occur soon after though, when a commanding woman asks some awkward questions, is she a policeman? No. She’s Mrs Nolan. She’s twice as evil as her husband was.The film’s about community spirit and grisly twists and turns right up to the last second.

This is why ‘Kids Carry Guns’ and ‘Keep Your Powder Dry’ were handpicked for the movie by Terry Christian; The Moods’ sound perfectly encapsulates urban life. They’re often described as “Rage Against the Machine, The Prodigy and The Happy Mondays mixed into a grime-soufflé”. Bassist Dave O’Rourke says it’s: “”It’s all about the BPM and the feel of playing it live.”

‘Keep Your Powder Dry’ is taken from their album ‘Missing Peace’, which was released in September 2017. It made it a big impact, even though the band have only been together since 2014, with physical and download sales in over 24 countries.

The Moods – Keep your Powder Dry and Kids Carry Guns cover

A 7-inch limited edition vinyl will be released too, for ‘Kids Carry Guns’. There will be 100 pressed, collector’s edition gatefold sleeves, which will include a bonus CD with both tracks on. It will go on sale on October 5th. Kids Carry Guns was originally taken from their album ‘Oppositional Defiant Disorder’. Both tracks were written and produced by The Moods and released by A1M Records.

The Moods are currently coming to an end of big summer shows and festivals, with a huge end of year line-up,at Band On The Wall, in December, for Music Of The North.

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