London has a new fiery songstress to get excited about, she’s 17, has magnificent eyebrows and has no desire to fit in.

No stranger to performing, after starting out at the age of 11, Maisie Bourke has been releasing powerful, heartfelt music around London. Her new single ‘Cheap‘ released 7th December 2018, starts the year full of promise and potential for the London singer.

The track is slow and moody; riddled with a bitter anger and slight comical quirk, which is sure to brighten up anyone’s break-up blues.

A melancholic piano leads us to the opening line: “I copy you, I do what you do, but I’d never find another you”. This idea of replacement develops throughout the song, but not in a jealous way like you’d expect. It focuses on the idea that someone has got themselves a bad knock-off version of you, “This girl is just a cheap version of me” and “She’s just me but a little bit worse”. It’s that line between laughing at them and dealing with those feelings summed up in four minutes.

As a young woman, Maisie confesses: “I suppose I haven’t done that much stuff I can write about, so often have to find alternative sources of inspiration. The idea for Cheap, for example, came from me reading a magazine, or a post on line about a woman whose partner had just started dating someone who looked a bit like her.”

The song itself apparently “sort of started out as a joke song, and in a way kinda still is. It’s not totally serious, the main line ‘cheap version of me’ I think has some slight comical undertones.” A joke or not it definitely demonstrates talent and the ability to write catchy yet poetic songs.

Ordinarily, she writes pretty upbeat music, but this time wanted to “write something different to my usual style. I often do write songs that are more excitable, like my song Big Boy, so as piano player I wanted to try writing a slower, more meaningful piano ballad. I didn’t, however, just want to write a typical slow love song, I wanted it to be different. So I took the theme of love and changed it slightly.”

Even though her rewriting of the break up song rules may make you think she’s going to be a little Dua Lipa, she admires Lily Allen’s “blunt, matter of fact attitude in her lyrics” and has loved Lorde since first hearing her and is “heavily influenced by her music”.

‘Cheap’ was recorded at Charthouse Music, which has been a musical home to the likes of Sam Smith and Pixie Lott, which Maisie described as “surreal”.

It’s safe to say we’ll be hearing more from her and it’s only a matter of time before she gets a pop-song into the radio charts.

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