With the release of their new single ‘Eyelids’. Manchester anarchic punk band MOLD meet with our music editor Ruby Flanagan to chat about their new track, upcoming releases, and exciting plans for the future.

Manchester is saturated with brilliant musicians and bands and one of these hidden gems is MOLD. The band have built up a loyal following around Manchester and Salford over the past two years playing gigs across the cities. The band are known for their mad and energetic live performances, which is paired with their absurd, experimental, punk-y sound.

The band was formed in a dingy bar back in 2016. The drunken guitarist, Dan Caldwell approached a stranger and future front-man, Shane Dickenson asking to form a band. That drunken promise was kept after the two met for some awkward writing and jam sessions.

MOLD at the Soup Kitchen Manchester Image: Gary M Hough

The rest of MOLD’s line-up include; Sam Hunter on the drums, Mitchel Dean on the guitar and synth, Andrew Saunders on the musical saw and guitar, and Jo Simpson on the organ.

The band share the ethos of creating music that doesn’t fit into a genre. MOLD explain that they don’t want to get stuck into a category and describe their music as an experiment that has gotten out of control. They merge discordant genres and notes, insert bizarre sound effects, and throw in peculiar instruments such as the musical saw to create the music of MOLD.

The band released their first single ‘Puppet Masters’ in February 2018 and are set to release their first EP ‘The Death Suite’ later this year. I met up for a pint with front men Shane Dickenson and Dan Caldwell in the infamous King’s Arms in Salford to chat about their recent single release ‘Eyelids’.

Congratulations on the new single Eyelids. Can you tell me a bit about the track and how it was made?

Shane: With Eyelids, you see it’s a weird one. Last year we recorded an entire album and we were ready to start releasing at the end of July in 2017.  But we recruited a new drummer, the brilliant Sam Hunter. We were teaching him the songs and we ended up writing five new songs with Sam. These songs were much more, erm, much more Moldy?

Dan: The new songs, we felt like sounded much more like what we wanted to make. So, we then dropped eleven songs we originally wrote and wrote more songs instead along with Sam. We’ve been working on the song eyelids since October 2016. The guitar riff has been in our heads for ages, we played bits of it in past gigs and it we built it up, but the bass riff came first.

Shane: Yeah, I heard it in a dream and the words I wrote one morning where I just couldn’t sleep so I got up and started jamming. The song is about phases a night out essentially,  a humorous reflection of just being fed up with the day to day ordeal.

The lyrics first were awful like we wrote about the queen being on speed or something, yeah, not very good. Sam wrote the vocal harmonies for the chorus, they are ace as they add some texture and depth to the song. We went for a bit more classic rock and roll for this song and we love it.

‘Eyelids’ single cover Cover shot by Ste Fletcher


You held the single launch Salford’s iconic Eagle Inn; how did the single launch go?

Shane: It went great. The Eagle Inn was packed out, we pretty much managed to sell out. No one else would fit in! We were supported by Luxury Apartments, The Starlight Magic Hour, and POSA who were insane and played brilliantly.

Dan: We think it was a great show, it was the first time we played with a live saxophone on stage and that was incredible! we really take pride in our live gigs because it’s the shows that get people to support you. We like to make our shows as interesting, fun, and as memorable as we can. A gig should be a spectacle! We like to use lighting, projections, masks. We sort of become a different character whenever we play our set, it what makes it fun and a bit interesting.

Shane: We really don’t want to be one of those bands that churn out their songs the same way every gig. We like to go wild and I think that’s what makes us Mold.

Front men of MOLD Dan Caldwell (Left) Shane Dickenson (Right)

You recently played a set at the Salford festival ‘Sounds from the other City’ What was the festival set like?

Sounds from the other city is always a great gig to play. I can honestly say that this year was the funniest gig we’ve ever played! We always have some weird shit go on at our shows this year we started playing the theme from the Muffin Man and one man threw down his pint, ran towards the stage and then lost his shit. It was hilarious, and I’ve never had a reaction like that before.

What is the band currently working on? Is there an EP in the line-up or some more gigs?

Shane: We have so much going on in the next few months it’s hard to think of it all right now. We have loads of gigs planned. That’s the key thing we want to do. We want to play as many as we can.  We’re going to be playing a few day festivals and we’re heading out of Manchester for a few gigs. We’re going to be playing Glasgow, Liverpool, and our first London gig at the Windmill. We have a tonne of events on Facebook of the gigs we’re playing.

Dan: We also have our first EP ‘The Death Suite’ coming out in maybe September? which we’re releasing through Interzone records.  It will be a record which we will hand press and design ourselves. They will be limited editions as well as we’re only going to be pressing twenty copies. We are also playing a gig in a small town in Wales called Mold and we’re going to record an album there that we’ll call ‘Mold in Mold’ or something like that. It’s going to be cool, I can’t wait to play that. There is a tiny town in Washington state called Mold and I’d say a future goal for us would be to head out there and record a live album. Maybe that’s the dream? We will find every town across the world called Mold and record an album there. Ah I don’t know, we try not to plan to far into the future, but I think that’s a funny idea.

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