Jade Mannion is one of Manchester’s most striking solo artists and is now building and growing her sound by re-launching with a new band ECRU.

Jade Mannion has established herself on the Manchester music scene with her mesmerising voice, sonic synths, and hypnotic visual live performances. Instead of continuing her career as a solo artist she has teamed up with other Manchester musicians to form the new band ECRU.

“The sound is different with ECRU” Jade explains as she sips at her coffee, we are sat in NEXUS ART CAFÉ in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. “the band are such talented musicians and the music we have created together is so much bigger and grander than the music I was making before”.

Jade Mannion playing the Eagle Inn, Salford. Photo: Ed Sprake Twitter: @edsprakephoto Website: www.edsprake.com/

Why did you steer away from being a solo artist? I ask. Jade replies saying; “I met the rest of the band at university where I studied music and started playing solo. They’ve helped me on my music before. They have really helped create music that sounded more like me and I am extremely happy with”.

The band worked with Jade to create her single ‘Hand on the Door’ which was released in February 2018. It has now been credited as ECRU. Jade says: “I have taken down entire EP’s off of the internet because it wasn’t right, but the music we are making now sounds the best and the right way it should be.” Jade laughs as she says: “It is also because being in a band is so much more fun”.

ECRU consists of Tom Shearwood on synth, Kit Warren on drums, AJ Dawson on saxophone, Jonah Baldwin on guitar, and Lewis Davidson on bass. The name ECRU comes from the French word meaning raw and unbleached, this is how Jade describes the music created by the band. “The music we make is ambient, down tempo, and atmospheric. It also has a bluesy essence to it” Jade says.

The band will be celebrating the launch of ECRU and their dreamy new single ‘Remedy’ on the 28th July with a debut show at the iconic Manchester venue Soup Kitchen. “We have worked so hard to get ready for this show and I’m extremely excited” Jade says “It is going to be an incredible show”.

Event poster for ECRU’s single launch ‘REMEDY’ at Soup Kitchen on the 28th July 2018.

Elle Bulger will be providing live visuals to accompany ECRU’s set. “The visuals that Elle gives to the show are just stunning and adds another element to our live shows. It makes them interesting, atmospheric, and just a little different”. Jade is passionate about the visuals to her live performances, she explains: “I think the live performances are the most important part, the music you make could be incredible but it’s the way you perform it and how you show it off that makes it memorable”.

The single launch will also feature the bands ‘The Bear around your Neck’ and ‘Painted Nails’ as well as a DJ set from LORE.

The future for ECRU will be exciting as they hit the Manchester music scene by storm. “Music makes me happy” Jade explains what the plans for ECRU are next “We are going to focus our energy on writing, recording, and mixing to make music we are happy with and want to share. We have ideas and things we want for the future but we will see how it all goes!”.

You can buy tickets for ECRU’s 28th July single launch for ‘Remedy’ through their event page on Facebook 

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Feature image by Ed Sprake Twitter / Website