Ahead of the release of their new EP Too Much Too Soon, Ellie Woolman catches up with Milo Gore to discuss his inspirations, mental health and the future. 

The music scene in Falmouth, Cornwall is thriving and Milo Gore is definitely a name to watch.

The five- piece band, formed of fellow students of Falmouth University, are shaking up the Cornish town and are already turning heads of music fans across the world. The new EP ‘Too Much Too Soon’ is their second official release, which follows last year’s debut ‘Watch the Tide’ from the Lo-fi Alternative-Folktronica collective.

‘Too Much Too Soon’ is an exploration of sound and includes ‘Towel On The Floor’ – an eerily enticing sensory track which examines DIY production. The second track, ‘State’, co-written by electronica artist Jay Beale, is an organic pop tune, completed with lovely harmonies by the gorgeously talented FARE.

Milo’s song writing is beautifully thoughtful and raw, with a real emphasis on emotions. He uses his music as a voice to raise awareness of mental health where the songs are intimate and personal yet universal in connecting to listeners.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching the band perform live in and around Falmouth and they always put on a great show with their positive on-stage energy and lyrics that never fail to resonate with an audience.

I chatted to Milo to find out more about his new EP and what the future holds:

Milo Gore

Photo: Josh Collins

Hey Milo, congratulations on your new EP, ‘Too Much Too Soon’! Can you tell us a bit more about how this second track came about? 

Hello hello! Thank you very much, I’m very proud of this EP indeed. The second song actually came about as a result of a collaboration between me and a house mate I live with down in Falmouth. Jay Beale is an electronica artist so originally when we started working on it, it was all synth based. It was a part of Jay’s course at university, he had to make song for his module ‘Hit Machine’. You can find the original version of the song on the Improvised Youth Collective SoundCloud page. However, then my band and I started messing around with the song in a band practise and we fell in love with playing it, so we thought we had to share our version! We’ve sped it up a bit and made it all guitar based rather than synth lead. It’s such a fun song, we really hope we did it justice. Big love to Jay Beale for letting us take it on.


‘Too Much Too Soon’ is a great progression from your first EP, ‘Watch the Tide’. What are your inspirations for producing music? 

Hmm, I always find this question a hard one to answer as the answer could be so long! What are my inspirations? Other music definitely is one thing that gets my creative thoughts flowing! People like Ben Howard and Bon Iver are just magical to listen to. But I would say it mainly comes down to the themes behind my music that inspires me and the experiences I go through. I write and sing a lot about mental health. As a man with depression it’s a very big topic for me. I wish to be an advocate for it, I want to spread awareness through my music. Other inspirations include a loss of religion, relationships and just life in general!


Your Spotify is racking up a vast number of plays recently, with listeners from all over the world – how does it feel to have such an expansive fan base?

It’s amazing and hilarious! I can’t quite believe it! Today we hit 6,000 monthly listeners with 3.3k from the States (ironically for the song State haha) I think it was a blog over in the US that helped us really. But yeah, it feels great to have such an expansive fan base as it really feels we are reaching everyone! But we can’t get big headed, the US is huge… we’ve hardly made an impact! However, the numbers are going up and that looks good so we’re happy… We just need to keep pushing now!

Milo Gore

Josh Collins

You’ve been touring all over the country recently, including at 02 Islington’s ‘Emerging Artist’ Showcase. What are your plans for touring for the rest of the year? 

We’ve got a few big shows lined up actually. We’ve got a couple in Plymouth, including School Disco Fest which is going to be awesome. We’ve also got our first show in Bristol on the 27th April with support from Aaran Daniel and The Petties, two of my favourite up and coming artists, at The White Rabbit. As for festivals, so far we are playing Wonderfields and Langaland which will be really wicked (both are in Devon). We’re hoping to line up a few more, and our eyes are set on playing Boardmasters again! So as for now I guess we are just trying to build our rep in the South-West!


You formed your band with fellow students at Falmouth University whilst studying Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management – how did you come to a decision to study music management rather than a music course to support your venture?

I guess for two reasons really: 1) I wanted a fall back in case I didn’t make it as a musician. In case I didn’t make it I could fall back on my music management skills and try and work somewhere in the industry anyway. 2) Because I didn’t back my musical ability at the time. I was low on confidence, but now with my band I feel really at home. I guess I’ve lucked out, I’ve managed to do both the course and music at the same time!


Alongside creating your own music, you set up Red Van Records (RVR) which promotes other emerging artists. Can you tell us a bit more about why you set up RVR and your plans for its future? 

I guess I set up RVR when I came to Falmouth because I saw a great music scene but had no one place to find it. I wanted to create a platform where all Falmouth artists could promote their music in one place. So that’s why we set up the YouTube Channel for our RVR sessions. However, there is a lot more to it now! We also run our blog Red Van Reviews, put on events and gigs and we are even turning it into a record label. We are going to test run the label by signing myself along with a few other bands. Fingers crossed we know what we’re doing haha!! It’s been a great experience so far, I’m loving it. I think we have had a good impact on Falmouth so far, with a lot more to come. We also recently merged with our parent company Ocean Sound Management Ltd which has been a great move for us, adding more skills, minds and support.


Where do you see yourself and your music in 5 years time? 

Oooh the big question! I mean I dream about playing sold out shows in London and singing to thousands at festivals.. But realistically I don’t know. I would love RVR to be a fully functioning independent label with multiple artists on the go. I would also love to just be in a position where music is my sole job, that would be amazing to live off my music! As for my music I’ve got plenty more lined up for you all, I have many exciting projects on the way with another single in the next couple of months so stay tuned!!


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