Miro Introducing gives new creatives the chance to introduce themselves onto the cultural scene. This guest post is by Will Stevenson who is one half of Manchester Hip-Hop duo Bodies.

Bodies is Will Stevenson and Robin Parker. We’re a UK Hip Hop group based in Manchester. Our debut track “Stranger’s Cigarette” was released to SoundCloud back in June and since then we’ve released our self-titled EP to all major streaming services.

I’m Will – I rap. Robin produces the amazing soundscapes I traverse. We both attended the University of Salford and bonded over a shared love of The Streets, MF Doom, Death Grips and punk music whilst presenting on a student radio.

Robin Parker (Left) and Will Stevenson (Right)

I’d been performing stand up poetry for about a year whilst Robin had been messing around creating snippets of songs with the Reason software, and an army of instruments that never ended up anywhere and were never intended to see the light of day. I’d wanted to turn my hand to rap for a while but never had the resources – or self confidence – to try it. These songs wouldn’t have happened without us pushing each other out of our comfort zones.

My delivery is influenced from a huge pool of unique and talented artists; from Mike Skinner and Scroobius Pip to Big L and ELP, I wanted my raps to reflect the person I am, not be used as some mask or persona whilst simultaneously being able to tell stories. That was the crux of the Bodies project to me – storytelling.

Robin’s production takes notes from crate digging masters like Madlib, pulling from a broad canvas of dreamy, indie rock samples (and a whole host of more niche moments) to create beats that are sometimes pulsating, sometimes reserved and always powerful.

We wrote the songs for the EP in just a few weeks, with some light editing to perfect them before pushing them to Soundcloud and eventually Spotify. Once the EP was ready, we took  a day break to York to begin etching a narrative and sonic template for the full length album.

As big fans of The Streets’ “A Grand Don’t Come For Free” we decided together, almost instinctively, that we wanted the LP to be a concept album. York helped us hammer out a broad concept for “10 Stories” – a weekend in a city centre tower block, taking cues from the Grenfell tragedy and the working class experience.

In the months since, we’ve been putting together tracks, scrapping ideas and rewriting, trying to find the perfect way to relay the stories in our heads. We think we’re nearly there. The first single from the album “Well Dressed Corpse” is on the way soon and we can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Bodies self titled EP is available on Spotify now.

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