London-based singer Mai.K released her new EP Change on March 8 and Miro Magazine’s Coral Jade Daniels focuses in on the recent single release ‘Little Arab Girl’ on what it means and the powerful story behind it.

People from London are always asked “I bet you bump into loads of famous people?” and generally speaking you don’t. You just see and meet the average Joe; not really altering your future at all. However, you might have a chance encounter in a Fish and Chip shop, which could reignite a career in the music industry for you; that’s what happened to Mai.K (formerly Mai Khalil) at least.

Growing up in Syria, moving through Germany, to London, at the age of 10, has definitely had an impact on Mai.K’s musical style, lyrically. The new single ‘Little Arab Girl’, is a strong depiction of that, exploring a self-referential childhood for girls in war torn countries.

Given the very 90;’s R&B style she’s got, especially on this release, you will be very surprised to know that she hadn’t listened, or heard of R&B, before accidentally finding a CD of ‘Smooth Grooves RnB Edition’, on her street. It seems fate was on her side that day, as she reminisced: “I feel that if that CD wasn’t on the ground I would have never started singing at that point, it was as if someone or something put it there for me”.

The emotion and messages put across on ‘Little Arab Girl’ are similar to Queens of classic R&B; Mary J Blige and Alicia Keys. You get a soulful reflection of challenges faced by refugee children along a piano, which is similar to the feminist and black empowerment beliefs, from the ladies of R&B in the 90’s.

The single was first released in 2016, which is when Mai.K finished recording her first album ‘Reflection’; however things took a turn for the worse, with a failing relationship with a producer and a surprise pregnancy, so Mai.K never got to fully release the album and promote it.

But, now, she’s a happy mother, who just happened to meet music manager and promoter, Rob Saunders, in a chip shop, in London. The two got talking and found they both work in music and bam! The album is now going to be re-released, as three, separate EP’s, across a 12-month period. The first of which, will be ‘Change’, on March 8th 2019 and will feature ‘Little Arab Girl’.

Keep an eye out for the rest of the re-releases, as they only become even more relevant, in a society that hasn’t learnt its lessons, over the past few years.

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