Who doesn’t like discovering new music? We at Miro Magazine have compiled together a playlist of ten songs from emerging bands and artist, that we have discovered and loved over the month of April, Enjoy!

Summer is officially on its way, we’ve had a taster of what is to come with the April bank holiday scorcher so it is now the time to create your summer playlist for 2019.

We at Miro Magazine have gathered together 10 tracks that we have found and loved over the past month for you to enjoy this summer, so push down the anxiety of the worrying warmer weather and relax with some of our dazzling April discoveries.

Jessica Winter – Sleep Forever:

The debut single ‘Sleep Forever’ from London producer/ singer/ songwriter Jess Winter is nothing less the sublime. This haunting piece of lace goth-pop is an electrifying start to her music career. Jess ethereal vocals oozed glamour and darkness. The chilling nature of the track falls into the fact she wants to sleep forever to be with the one she loves. The song is layers upon layers of electronic melodies, warped synth and grunge bass. This combination track is an exciting debut from the London singer.
Suggested by: Ruby Flanagan


Snow Ghosts – Heavy Heart:

This track by Snow Ghosts is a love song. The band says that the song addresses how trauma can affect those closest to you and how love can become a beautiful burden. ‘Heavy Heart’ creates a hauntingly beautiful ambience bringing together wistful, atmospheric soundscapes and chilling vocals that climatically crescendos into dreamy euphoria saturated with strings, synth, and heavy drums.
Suggested by: Ruby Flanagan


Sonny – Let Love:

This 18-year-old Northern singer-songwriter is something special. This track from his 2019 EP release ‘Beech Road’ is simple, uncluttered and honest with a gentle guitar melody and gospel harmonies. His stunning vocals take centre stage and captivate in this song. The emotions that swell throughout ‘Let Love’ allows anyone who’s experienced the trials of love to resonate with this song. It’s incredibly impressive what this lad has created so early in his career and I’m excited to see what he produces in the future.
Suggested by: Ruby Flanagan


5 Hills Out – Cogs:

5 Hills Out are a folk-punk band from Derbyshire that are bringing infectious, foot-stomping folk-punk to the masses. Their 2019 single ‘Cogs’ weaves together the sound of 80’s anarchic punk and Celtic folk. This unique blend of two contrasting genre’s is mad but as it is said: ‘Madness is genius’ and these guys have nailed it. The angsty vocals and brash drum beat overlaying a beautifully written Celtic melody featuring fiddle, mandolin and tin-whistle is somehow one of the most brilliant things I’ve heard this year.
Suggested by: Ruby Flanagan


The Rose Affair – Paloma:

This delicate track by The Rose Affair shows the bands ability to take it back and slow it down. I described the bands single ‘Blush’ as a perfect song for a montage in an indie movie and I maintain that ideology for this track. But in contrast to their other music ‘Paloma’ is gentle and emotional, and steady in its pace but has an underlying stimulating push throughout. The elusive drama and theatre this song gives out is striking and makes this one of the best songs on the EP.
Suggested by: Ruby Flanagan


Gavin Haley – 96:

Instead of heart-break, the new single ‘96’ from singer Gavin Haley celebrates the idea of devoted love. Hayley croons the lyrics: “Love me ‘till I’m 96” over a bed of snapping fingers and plucking guitar melody, you sink further into a cosy cocoon of flurrying thoughts and affection as the chorus filler comes in. The simple ‘Woah-oh-oh” blends soft harmonies and the cutesy melody from before. Haley’s vocals are soft and supple giving an authentic ambience to the song. The songs sweet and full of warmth, it’s a lovely listen.
Suggested by: Ruby Flanagan


Queasy – Jackdaw: 

This funky quartet took to the streets of Manchester last month, to film the video for this single; taken from their debut self titled EP, released on 29th March, with a gig to launch it at Jimmy’s. It has just enough angst ridden rock and funky rhythms to get you through to the end of next month.
Suggested by: Coral Jade Daniels


Led By Lanterns – Alive:

The most recent release from these Brummies sees them team up with Trash Boat’s Tobi Duncan; which accumulates in a heavier and darker side to them that really pays off! It’s also a great live performance for the band too, with the “I think I’m gonna blow in 5,4,3,2,1” adding a little drama and hype.
Suggested by: Coral Jade Daniels


Alec Benjamin – Let Me Down Slowly ( ft Alessia Cara):

This L.A based musician has created a simple, yet catchy pop song, that exposes a soft vulnerability not normally seen in male artists. It’s not common to get the painful heartbreak from the male perspective in pop music. This version, with Canadian singer Alessia Cara, has a nice duality, with the extra voice almost being the other side of the story; despite having the same message.
Suggested by: Coral Jade Daniels


King Charles – Freak:

King Charles is back people! He’s releasing a new single every month and Freak is what he started with. He’s stripped it back even further than his ‘Gamble For A Rose’ era, with emotionally darker lyrics; focusing inwards rather than lost loves. It definitely seems like he could do with a hug after this one.
Suggested by: Coral Jade Daniels


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