Who doesn’t like discovering new music? We at Miro Magazine have compiled together a playlist of ten songs from emerging bands and artist, that we have discovered and loved over the month of February, Enjoy!

You have made it through the harshest point of Winter, well done! The days only get longer from here so congratulate yourself and be immersed in some new tunes.

We at Miro Magazine have discovered some brilliant music over February and feel it would only be criminal if we didn’t share it. Here is our playlist of February Favourites;

Bleach Boy – Death Row

Bleach Boy’s debut single sounds like it will promise future classic Manchester sad-boy music, like a looser, louder Joy Division. The 6 minute track starts off chilled, then kicks in with some super heavy post-punk guitar. If Nirvana were Mancunian, they might sound a bit like these guys.
Suggested by: Madeline Royle

The Orielles – Sunflower Seeds

This charming three-piece from Halifax released the track ‘Sunflower Seeds’ in their 2018 EP “Silver Dollar Moment”. This track is just an extraordinary 60’s style throwback using sweet harmonies over a scuzzy layer of instruments. The track has an uplifting chorus with an enriching guitar melody and slackened verses with a more warped style, giving a Woodstock vibe to the track. This single is perfect for those scaring-ly too hot Spring days.
Suggested by; Ruby Flanagan

The Moods- P.O.P (Profit over People)

February has seen the UK Government fail its’ people more than ever, so it only seemed fitting that the politically charged P.O.P made a comeback, with lyrics like “The government we trust hangs us out to dry, The system is corrupt can’t disguise the lies”, the Manchester EDM collective perfectly encapsulate the anger at being failed and deceived.
Suggest by: Coral Jade Daniels

Valeras – Ricochet

From the Reading-Based 5 piece Valeras comes the track Ricochet. The track opens to a wall of noise featuring sturdy drums, repetitive bass and a loud whipped electric guitar melody then the introduction the solid vocals comes in. The guitar for this track is utterly fantastic and brilliantly crafted and manages to blend smooth melodic jazz with soft-edge grunge; hats off to whoever devised it.
Suggested by; Ruby Flanagan

Mary – Beija Flo

This Liverpool-based artists second single ‘Mary’ had me hooked from the very beginning. It makes me feel like I’m in the woods barefoot, those kind of vibes. It’s short and sweet at only 2 and a half minutes, but every second of Beija Flo’s ethereal singing counts. I really wish it was longer.
Suggested by; Madeline Royle

Nadia Sheikh – Toxic

The new single ‘Toxic’ by North London singer Nadia Sheikh is an elegant and sophisticated rock track which is vocally driven by vigour and compassion. The vocals are delicate, but they have an underlying sharpness and power to them. This track has an essence of 90’s grunge and glam rock to it with the flamboyant electric guitar which is exciting to listen to. I personally think we need more flamboyant electric guitar in modern music.
Suggested by; Ruby Flanagan

Jordan Allen – Naked

Bolton Indie Band Jordan Allen’s track ‘Naked’ is a piece of sensational indie brilliance. The bouncy drum beat, rock guitar and charismatic anthemic lyrics which cannot be helped but screamed out at the top of you lungs, is engineered so beautifully to let your inhibitions go and just dance. A must have on the playlist of indie clubs nationwide.
Suggested by: Ruby Flanagan

RXPTRS – Parasites

This time of year isn’t just for romance, sometimes it can be reflective, sparking the realisation that letting go of someone bad for you is needed.That’s what this melodic and gritty track gives you, plus a wicked guitar solo and slick production, so what more could you want? The Bristol quintet have fused their influences and life experiences together; moulding them into a belter.
Suggested by; Coral Jade Daniels

King No One – Antichrist

The only thing better than this track from the Indie lads in King No-One, is the creepy, war-propaganda-eque video to accompany it. They’re known for championing equality and accepting everyone’s quirks, which is precisely what Antichrist gives you: “ I’m sick of all these social standards” and “I’ll kiss who I like”. It’s clear why they’re popular with millenials.
Suggested by; Coral Jade Daniels

The Cosmics – Inishfree

The Cosmics are a lo-fi garage punk rock trio based in Birmingham. Their 2018 single ‘Inishfree’ is an adrenaline filled slice of garage punk rock guaranteed to get your heart rate pounding. Just under two minutes long, the track is a electrifying burst of screaming power-driven guitar, throbbing bass, and fiery vocals. An exciting and luminous track.

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