Who doesn’t like discovering new music? We at Miro Magazine have compiled together a playlist of ten songs from emerging bands and artist, that we have discovered and loved over the month of January, Enjoy!

January is hard, we know! But something that can make this long month that little bit easier? New music! Our team at Miro Magazine wanted to share the music from emerging bands and artist that we have recently discovered. This playlist contains a multitude of genres and styles , so we are sure you’ll find something you like!

WILD STARE – Giant Rooks
This is the new single from German five-piece Giant Rooks. This Art-pop track is incredibly smooth and slick, but with an edge. The heavy use of dark piano tones gives the track a smooth melancholy vibe, contrasting the disorganised concoction of major and minor guitar melodies, sporadic drumbeats, and periodic vocals. This balance of this chaos and the calm of the bold vocals from front-man Frederick, blends so beautifully together

GENETICS – Young Monarch
Young Monarch are an Alt-Rock/Pop from Manchester, who combine electronic and classical instrumentation in their music. The band’s track ‘Genetics’ is a clever concoction of alt rock guitar, strong vocals, and smooth melodic strings. The stand out of this track is the powerful voice of front-woman Rebecca Lewis, that belts the relatable lyrics “Trying to be more all I can be, feel like I’m letting you down you see”. Genetics is an incredibly written and put together track by Young Monarch.

STANFORD – Babe Punch

This alternative rock/punk five-piece from Nottingham released their single ‘Stanford’ back in 2017. The song has a dark theme focusing on the victim blaming in the rape case of an intoxicated girl by a high achieving swimmer from Stanford University. The grunge track highlights the distressing undertones through the chaos of fuzzed vocals, screaming bass lines and cacophonous guitar. ‘Stanford’ has a savage style which is quintessential of Babe Punch, this track will have a brilliant impact on the punk scene.

The Varletts track ‘Spiral Staircase’ released back in 2017, is an incredible combination of ferocious guitar, gritty vocals, explosive drums. The experimental Alt-rock trio created this track through their experiences with depression. ‘Spiral Staircase’ is loud and thrash all the way through the song with the high-quality kept throughout. This track perfectly represents the exhilaration and fiery intensity of ‘The Varletts’ live gigs.

PINK MAGIC – Fizzy Blood
‘Pink Magic’ is the single for Leeds-based band Fizzy Blood’s third EP of the same name. The band have experimented with different styles and sounds over the years but have said that this EP is the truest representation who the band are. This track has a heavy pop punk vibe to it opening with an explosion of noise; distorted wails, electric guitar slide and chaotic drums all leading into the opening lyrics. The track is brash, angsty and rock-infused and overall; just great.

WHERE DO I GO – Ella Jinks
Ella is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter based in London, she attended the BRIT school in 2016. This soft indie track is beautifully simple. A moving guitar melody pairs with Ella’s warm and strong voice with layered harmonies supporting her vocals in the chorus. The song is about confusion, reflection, and feeling lost with the lyrics “I guess I’m going to have to trust the ways of the universe”. Pair this track with a relaxed evening in warmer weather for peak tranquillity.

DEVIL – The Wandering Hearts
This track from The Wandering Hearts is a gateway to country music for those daring to something new. This song is pop-friendly, has perfectly coordinated harmonies of sweet and ruff tones and creates perfect imagery that’s definitely relatable. They play to each other’s strengths in each song; either taking the limelight or stepping back. As a London quartet, they’re doing the UK’s country scene proud, with their number one debut album Wild Silence.

Musically skilful and lyrically on point to the feelings you get being in your twenties, this track from Californian rock n rollers Vista Kicks, is a roller coaster of a song; taking you on a journey through the challenges faced in early adulthood. A seven and half minute journey that is- no mean feat.

CHEAP – Maisie Bourke

This song, by the young Maisie Bourke, is brilliant as it puts a new spin on heartbreak. Instead of the usual feel sorry for me themes explored typically, Maisie has turned being replaced into a bit of a joke: “she’s just a cheap version of me”. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got someone new, because they’re basically a knock-off me, is the general message here. It signals her ability to write both engaging and poetic music,with the addition of a melancholic piano, making ‘Cheap’ really stand out this month.

Paul Lynch is an indie/folk artist from East London, his music styling is interesting and incredibly diverse. This track especially. It opens with finger picking guitar with Lynch’s soft vocals, the drum beat kicks in and the vocals speeds up, as if he is spitting and the bars get stronger throughout the song. Lynch also throws in some trumpet and jazz guitar too, just to throw you off the genre scent once more. Lynch shows how interesting, exciting, and inimitable music can still be.

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