With his unique take on genre, style and lyricism; Paul Lynch is leaping outside the box and leading the way in showing the music world just how exciting, interesting and inimitable music can still be.

Paul Lynch is a 26 year-old singer-songwriter from East London who’s music will not be strapped down to a genre. His inventive music can consist of; finger-plucking guitar, folky strings, beat boxing and jazz/blues trumpet paired with witty self-aware commentary lyrics. Paul laughs as he says; “I don’t really know what I make if I’m honest, I just make what sounds good to me”.

Growing up in an environment of Scottish folk, music has always a part of Paul’s life. “My family are very musical” he says “I grew up playing classical piano I then picked up the guitar and I began the trumpet when I was 19 but I’m not brilliant at it”.

He started his solo music career after graduating university where he had joined a band and began writing. His first single ‘Searching for the Answer’ was released in September 2016 and was recorded in an intense three day session along with four other tracks in a friend’s home-studio in Devon.

In this single, Paul has a folky tone to his delicate vocals in the chorus but throws you off of the genre scent by blending in some beat-boxing, provided by Pieman, and jazz trumpet as well as some sharp spitting.

“My inspirations to music change so quickly that I can’t even keep up with it!” Paul laughs again as we explore the extensive range of musicians that he admires; The Smiths, Moses Sumney, Elbow, John Grant, Gogo Bordello and Tame Impala were a few of the names that came up. “I don’t really look at genre when I’m writing or creating but you need it to sell yourself as an artist. I am sold as Indie-folk and I think that is because of my singing style but I like to be experimental with music so I’m not going to get trapped only making that”.

What do you want to achieve with your music? I ask; Paul replies ‘I create music to be performed” he pauses and continues “music is created to be played live so I am always thinking of ways to make my live music sound different. There is a high standard to achieve with music at the moment that unique-ness is very hard to find”.

Our conversation turns to what makes a good song; good. The lyrics the music? Paul believes that the music is the key to a great song. He says; “You couldn’t write a good song without a good tune, if you have a bland tune, it’s going to be a bland song! I’m not saying that the lyrics are unimportant” the discussion then delves into Paul’s music; “My music is lyrically based and I like to write simplistic lyrics that are quite subjective, I find writing lyrics easy and they come naturally to me at random times and places. I will think of a line and I’ll text it to myself so I won’t forget it” Paul follows that up quickly with “It doesn’t mean all my lyrics are good! It sometimes can take me a while to get a song ready as I heavily edit the lyrics after I have written them”.

Paul chats about how ideas come to him from everywhere, from walking down a busy London high-street to being sat in his bedroom; “When an idea or melody comes to me, I record myself humming it into my phone” Paul shares; “Embarrassingly I’ve been on the central line tube humming a melody into my phone really quietly because it has suddenly come to me”.

The new single “A different way” is about an argument, Paul explains; “I didn’t want to make it about a specific argument, I wanted to make it about a generic argument between anyone” The lyrics line with looking back onto the argument in retrospect. “It’s a really simplistic track compared to ‘Searching for the Answer’, not massively different just simpler”.

The next gig for Paul Lynch is on the 6th March at the The Bedford in South London, after that the plan is to get some festival dates under his belt and a few more small gigs lined up.

The next few months will see 5 more singles released by the East London artist with the next being released towards the end of April Paul says; “I am happy and incredibly proud of the next few singles I’ve created and I am excited and nervous to release them”.

“It feels good when I feel like the work I’m putting into my music is paying off” The conversation has swiftly moved towards life time achievements, Paul says; “I want to give music a good a go as I possibly can. I love singing and playing my best shows are great but playing my worst shows are great too. I played a gig where the only people who showed up were the bar staff who were working that night, but I still went up and played, I don’t want to look back and think I didn’t try hard enough, all I want to have is no regrets when it comes to it.

“You’re a bit of a dreamer if you think you’re going to make it, but it’s nice to have that dream.”

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