In collaboration with Kansas Smitty's, The Arts Society announce their new project, Jazz Before Jazz Was Jazz.

Featuring talks, interactive workshops and performances by up-and-coming musicians, Jazz Before Jazz Was Jazz endeavours to showcase how the improvisational musical genre first came into being.

The talents of performers and speakers such as Sandy Burnett, Marcus Bonfanti, and Joplin Parnell will be accompanied by the Kansas Smitty’s House Band in the gorgeous Two Temple Place, an architectural gem of London’s West End.

Various musical styles and cultural rhythms will crash together as the audience are transported to New Orleans, LA – where street cries, slave songs, opera and marching band can be heard from every corner.

Finally, with the help of University of Liverpool musicologist Catherine Tackley, the house band will demonstrate how all these musical influences came together to form what we now know today as jazz.

The event serves as a prologue for the January 2018 exhibition, The Age of Jazz, produced by The Arts Society and The Bulldog Trust, which will kickstart the celebrations for The Arts Society’s 50th anniversary.

You Can purchase tickets for “Jazz Before Jazz Was Jazz” here.