‘How would you like your remains prepared? Boiled? Roasted? Braised? Fried? The new single from Manchester band MOLD delves into brilliant levels of sadistic grunge and raw punk.

‘Cannibal Date Night’ was released on 8th February by anarchic punk band MOLD. The Manchester based band have a loyal following across the Salford/Manchester scene and are recognised for their outlandish and wild live performances.

The new track was mastered by Alex Cook of Slow Knife and opens with a heavy slogging bass line and distorted guitar, giving you the feeling of being led to slaughter. The warped opening lyrics ‘‘How would you like your remains prepared? Boiled? Roasted? Braised? Fried?’ give you an idea of what is to come

The vocals are manic and jarring, with a strong essence of cult to them. The contrasting lyrics “We’re here to kill you” and “So nice to meet you” are wailed joyously over the top of the chaos that is the screaming guitar. The anarchy of this loud chorus could be used to disguise the screams of a murder; or you could sway and chant along with the fun drunken sounding stanzas.

Everything in this track feels raw and unpolished, but you wouldn’t expect polished with music like this. It’s a clever concoction of uneven drum-beats, aggressive guitar chords, and haunting bass-lines, crafted and put together so brilliantly that it connotes satanic vibes and something that would definitely be placed onto a killer’s playlist.

Cannibal Date Night – Single Cover

The hysterical laughter at the end of the single, shows that the track isn’t a serious ‘Killer’s playlist’ song. It’s fun, it’s gothic, and it’s taking the piss. It’s not a song that you would put on for a relaxed evening in, but it would be a perfect track for your morning public transport commute, especially if it’s played loud enough to hear it through the headphones.

MOLD are something else; and their music is a definite love or hate situation.  The creativity and thought that goes into the music MOLD make is iconic and does make it standout to anything within mainstream music, which is why I like this track.

To continue with the theme of cult in this review, it only takes one MOLD song to get you hooked and once you’ve joined the Church of MOLD I don’t think you can ever leave.


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