Mancunian Josh Goddard released his debut EP “Roll With Me” in November and despite being his debut, Josh has already managed to established a distinct style which is exciting to hear.

Have you been waiting for someone to put a modern spin on pop, infused with some soul, jazz and R&B? Then look no further than the ‘Roll With Me’ E.P. Mancunian, Josh Goddard, released the E.P in November and despite being his debut, he’s already established a sound that’s tighter and smoother than a bald man’s head.

Album Art Josh Goddard’s EP ” Roll with Me”

Even though he’s a young chap, his influences are from a few decades before his time, from the likes of Otis Redding, Ray Charles and Sam Cooke; all of which ring through on this body of work, but thankfully instead of ripping off the legends, he’s created a whole new sound; merging elements from the 40s/50s/60s, with what we’d consider popular music today.

The E.P has four new tracks on, including two previously unheard songs too. ‘Roll With Me’, the title track, is the opener. It’s groovy, funky and will stay in your head all day thanks to the opening,which is repeated throughout: “You keep coming back for more.” This one would definitely appeal to any fans of James Morrison’s early work, Goddard also has that husky raw tone to his voice.

‘Hear My Cry’ follows, it’s slower in tempo and feels more emotional, with an overwhelming sense of loneliness ringing through: “Way down here all my own, just me myself and I.” It has soulful swing to it too, subtle background vocals elevating the spiritual feeling those parts have,as he calls out for someone to hear his cries.

The pace picks up again with ‘On My Mind’, which Goddard says is about: “ Seeing a girl when you’re out, but you only know what she looks like, you’ve never spoke and you can’t get her off your mind.” The call and response between Goddard’s vocal and the backing vocals emphasise that lingering feeling of not being to shift a thought. The guitar has a more prominent role on this one too; instead of being in the background it’s brought centre stage, with a playful funkiness to it.

Then track four, the final song, is ‘Stumble’. According to Goddard, ‘Stumble’ is “when you are stumbling and fumbling to say the right words to a pretty girl.” Again, it slows down a bit here, feeling more heartfelt than groovy, but he certainly seems to have found the words to say here: “I want you in every single way”; for his sake, let’s hope she’s listening. Some smooth brass additions add a sultry tone and certainly don’t suggest a fumbling around, as it sounds confident and effortless.

The E.P was recorded at Liverpool’s iconic Parr Street Studios (Bjork, Elbow, Diana Ross) and cements his signature style and groove, that has earned him the respect of admirable artists like R&B singer, Marta Reeves, whom he has supported.

Josh recently went on tour playing shows in Manchester and London. He also featured at a Coffee House Sessions, where he has played several university campuses, including Huddersfield University, Queen Mary’s University, and Warwick University.

Roll With Me is vibrant and fun to listen to. Josh Goddard is a luminous act in a over-saturated music scene and if this is the standard of his debut than the future for this musician is extremely exciting.


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