The Synth-pop band Koalas, are leading the wave of electronica and making an impact in the heavy saturated indie music scene of Manchester and their set at Head for the Hills festival showed this.

At five o clock the synth-pop band ‘Koalas’ walked onto the T’other Stage at Head for the Hills festival in matching white shirts and black skinny jeans. A strong impactful start for a strong impactful set. The band are known for their atmospheric synth-pop tracks with 80’s inspired electronic riffs and dreamy live performances and they certainly delivered this.

The set opened with soft synths and electronic keyboard which established Koalas style and genre. Their atmospheric, pop-party styling created by their use of sticky synth and staccato beats was unique for Head for the Hills festival, where the usual genres of the festival are heavily reliant on acoustic guitar.

Koalas playing their set on the T’ther Stage at Head for The Hills festival. Photo Credit; @Mintsauce15 on Instagram

The second song of the set was their new single ‘Sandcastles’ and it was a definite stand out. The heavy, thumping synth beats contrasted against the smooth harmonies in the chorus but blended all together with the descending electronic melody. The mixture of high and low pitches sang by both artists gave the song an edge and was interesting and thrilling to listen to.

‘Two Loves’ was another track which blessed the set, the high-pitched warbling male vocals gave the song character and passion while the sonic female vocals were mesmerising and juxtaposed the bouncing staccato keyboard and driving drum beat. The song was about the collision of lust and love and it represented that perfectly.

Other tracks the band played were; ‘Lovers’ and ‘Imaging’.  Both tracks were packed with distinctive layers of synth and repetitive melodies which were all blended together. The song ‘Imaging’ had dramatic crescendos and diminuendo’s which created what can only be described as theatrical chaos but was incredible to listen to and be emerged in live.

Image credit; @SJGutterflower from Twitter

The small old pub-esque room of the T’other stage wasn’t exactly where you would picture this electronic duo. Koalas worked with the environment they were in to create a mesmerising and strong performance. Koalas onstage style is enigmatic and mysterious, and they successfully managed to produce this iconic atmosphere at Head for The Hills. They chatted nervously to the audience on occasions and this only enhanced their performance. It was about the music they were creating rather than the duo themselves.

Koalas project a minimalist image, especially with their black and white outfits, but their songs are packed with a staggering amount of intricate and complex layers. On paper, the many layers and ideas to their tracks sound like chaos but this band have managed to mix and blend these layers together to make stimulating and exciting music.

Image Credit: Head for the Hills Festival

Koalas are bringing something new to the Manchester music scene with their mix of electric synth, sonic experimentation, and 80’s pop harmonies. Their music is fun, fresh, and innovative and its exactly what Manchester needs.

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