Hanging onto the tether between adolescence and adulthood rests the debut EP “Act Your Age” from the youthful Londoner: Maisie Bourke. It’s full to the brim, in terms of potential; holding much hope and promise for what’s to come in her career.

Maisie Bourke has created a real mixed bag; giving us a tickle of just what she can do. From sombre piano ballads, to upbeat, electronic (often amusing) songs, which all centre around the theme of ‘growing up’ or not wanting to, as the “Act Your Age” reprisal demonstrates at the end, why would you want debt and responsibilities, if you could have a fairytale? Truly using her voice as an instrument, the EP shows off her range and how well she alters tone to suit the theme.

Act Your Age – EP Cover

Collectively, “Big Boy”, “Cheap” and “Don’t let Him” are the stars of this collection. Each of these tracks show glimmers of pop-stardom, with the honest, occasionally belittling lyrics, taking centre stage for individuality.

Despite only being 18-years-old, the awkward transitions and realisations of leaving childhood behind aren’t brushed away and treated immaturely like a typical young pop star would, but instead, she takes the usual themes of broken hearts and being hurt by ‘boys’ and spins them into empowering lessons. They leave the listener cheered up; knowing they’re better than what they lost. There’s a real wisdom to these three.

On a final note, “Don’t Leave Me Without Your Love” is just asking to be remixed into a proper dance track for the summer, it edges towards it during the chorus, but with a boost it could really be the sort of summertime anthem played at festivals.

With hundreds of songs already written, combined with this first glimpse into her style, the future is very exciting when looking towards Maisie Bourke, whether she’ll be behind the scenes writing number ones or performing them herself, she’s here to stay, for a while at least.


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