Miro Magazine's Music Editor Ruby Flanagan checks out the new single 'Blush' by The Rose Affair.

The song ‘Blush‘,  released 1 February,  is the first single from The Rose Affair’s upcoming third EP ”Death of a Hero” and it’s a piece of pure indie brilliance.

The single opens with a moving electric guitar melody paired with a background sustain, which swells up to a monumental crash start. This is a song that screams to be played loud, especially if you want to truly experience the swell effect. The main guitar riff is introduced, it’s upbeat and slightly theatrical and solidifies the style as classic Indie pop/rock.

The Rose Affair: Matt Jones, Jacob Pett , Lucas Jones, Tom Brown

The chorus is short and sweet, repeating the lyrics “I know, I know, I know the feeling” twice with a majestic guitar riff driving the song forward. This catchy-ass chorus is one that secretly burrows deep into your mind forcing you to sing along when it next rolls around.

My favourite part of the song is the building chant at the bridge. A repeating single beat starts it off, adding a bit of low grunge guitar and the lyrics “When I Come down, I see you, see you so”. The line is repeated layering another vocal over it each time, until it becomes this almost crowd-style chant, finishing it off with a scratchy guitar slide leading into the chorus. I can only imagine the live performance of this part of the track as being thrilling.

This is a song that would fit perfectly in the montage section of an American teen indie movie. You know the kind of montage I mean, two angsty teens driving around the city at dusk, maybe dancing in the streets, probably sitting in the window booth of a crappy fast food restaurant, sharing a basket of crappy fries. This song gives off those vibes, and do you know what? sometimes you just need that indie movie montage feel on the commute home from work.

‘Blush’ ticks all the boxes for a great indie track. A cracking guitar riff, a loud, flashy drum beat, a ‘throw your hands in the air’ chant-y bridge, and a memorable chorus. ‘Blush’ is a brilliant track by The Rose Affair and if the rest of the EP is at the same level to ‘Blush’, then the next year is going to be an exciting one.


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