Matador takes the North West to the Wild West; Red Rum Club’s debut album is here and Miro Magazine's Coral Jade Daniels checks it out.

If Red Rum Club’s debut was a dance, it would be a strong, defined and seductive pasodoble. Matador stamps down proud, a refreshing, lively twist of americana infused alt-rock, which would complement any bad-ass wild western film, as a soundtrack.

For a six-piece from Liverpool, their sound is so unexpected, yet exactly what’s needed to freshen things up; one way of which is the addition of a lone trumpet player- not the everyday rock ‘n’ roll instrument of choice.

You can practically picture being in a desert like western town, watching as the cowboys gallop along the rhythm section,fighting over lost loves, when ‘Angeline’ opens the album, who “left me blue for places greener”; a sore point for reflection it seems.

A few tracks off Matador aren’t new to the fans, ‘Honey’, ‘Calexico’ and ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely’ were released last year. All of which proved popular, which isn’t hard to believe given the quality of writing, instrumentation and recording, of these absolute anthems.

Photographer: @jonmophotography – Image taken from Instagram.

‘Calexico’ is a definite highlight amongst those tracks too. It’s a strut. It’s sensuous. It’s poetic. Not only is there a real groove to it, making you want to whip out some Strictly Come Dancing moves, but you can feel the dominating passion in the lyrics: “There’s that flicker in your eye that sets fire to the sky” and “Girl you’re making me crawl like you always do”; emphasised with a personality ridden vocal style.

When you get to ‘Casanova’ the Latino heat ramps up in the opening and tempo, with a cantering jolt to the sound of the drums, with rests heightening anticipation. It’s also one of the few times on the album that backing vocals really enhance the music, providing an accent to the lines of the chorus. It becomes even clearer that girls seem to provide the most inspiration to the writing: “I heard you’re waiting for a Casanova to break that heart of yours” too.

Image: Facebook – ‘Matador’ Album Launch

It is then odd, given that Matador’s are considered to be the pinnacle of masculinity in bullfighting cultures, that the title track is far softer and melodic; rather than the fast paced magisterial sound that comes through so much stronger on the other songs. Especially with the lines: “ Fear of losing is diffusing in my brain I’m on my back again” and “I’m seeing red one step ahead, I’m like a bull and you’re the matador”, which seems emasculating, in the idea of rolling over in submission.

Nonetheless, it is still a great song, which ought to do well on the radio, as it’s less outlandish and more of a typical alternative sound with a raspier vocal too.

They’ve kicked off the year with a stunner of an album that has changed the game and should propel their career further. You can catch the lads on tour in March. Click here to buy tickets. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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