With the release of their new single ‘Blush’ The Rose Affair sat down with Miro Magazine’s Music Editor Ruby Flanagan to chat about their new track, indie movie montages and the next year for The Rose Affair.

The Indie music scene is continuously rumbling on in the underground dingy venues of where it emerged from. The genre’s popularity often comes in waves with Indie musicians and bands exploding onto the mainstream charts and dominating it every few years.

There is a new wave forming and it’s being led by The Rose Affair. The band’s anthemic, guitar drenched, indie tracks is the kind of music that would blast out of a car on an indie movie inspired road trip.

The Cambridgeshire based band consists of front-man Lucas Jones, guitarist Matt Jones, drummer Jacob Pett and bassist Tom Brown. The origins of The Rose Affair began way back when, with brothers Lucas and Matt jamming in their bedrooms after watching ‘The School of Rock’.  The iconic 2003 picture gave the lads bigger aspirations on where they wanted to take their music. The drummer and a bassist were added to the mix in 2012 and The Rose Affair was formed.

The band have released three EP’s over the years. The first self-titled EP was released in 2015 and their second ‘II’ was released in 2017. Both EP’s received a warm reception and gained notoriety with tracks being played on BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing and Radio 6.

The lads toured relentlessly with their EP’s supporting the likes of indie greats like Fickle Friends, Itch and Model Aeroplanes. The Rose Affair are about to release their third EP titled ‘Death of a Hero’ in April of this year.

Miro Magazine’s Music Editor, Ruby Flanagan met with front-man of The Rose Affair Lucas Jones at Milk Teeth in Tooting Broadway, for a coffee and to chat about the new single ‘Blush’.

Well done on Blush, I really like it! Let’s delve into how the track was made, what was the writing process like?

Lucas: Blush was always going to be the single, as soon as we started writing it. We never plan our music, everything comes quite naturally and organically and that’s how we wrote Blush.

All our stuff usually starts with Matt and I just fucking about at home playing shit and we then take it to the band, we usually go in with a verse or a chorus and we start from there and see where it goes!

For Blush Matt came up with the guitar riff, he always comes up with good shit like that. Like a good few times a day hell drop something ridiculous, to the point it’s criminal what gets lost on my phone, and we thought fuck that’s great, we then built it up from there.

Cool! Any musical inspirations behind the song?

Lucas: We’ve listened to a lot more music in general for this EP and we have taken elements from like electro, chill wave stuff, rap, jazz, rock. Honestly, it would feel dishonest to say we write exclusively indie, as we amalgamate stuff from every genre going!

Matt’s influences are Russell Lissack from Bloc Party and Hendrix, some really melodic guitarists. What matt plays on guitar is singing, he doesn’t sing but he sings with the melodies that he plays on the guitar. He always sets a tone, and it’s all really anthemic.

For me, the track reminds me of a montage in an American indie film, like some angsty teens driving around the city at dusk, randomly dancing in the backstreets, going to shit fast-food restaurants, very anthemic really!

Lucas: (Laughs) Oh my god, yes! That’s what we had in mind with it, film soundtracks are my favourite kind of albums. It’s my favourite style of music, like anything that could sound like it’s in the final moments of a film or in a montage I love, especially those indie movie montages you’re on about, they’re always iconic to watch, but yeah young indie teen angst is great.I love that kind of shit.

Can you tell me what ‘Blush’ is about?

Lucas: The lyrics are different, I had a bit of a fight with myself. I really like ambiguous, almost like cryptic lyrics but it’s not always the most accessible thing, you can’t write riddles and expect people to enjoy it. So I had a bit of a battle with making the chorus as it is now or go for an abstract version of it.

Blush is about extensionalism like me trying to work out what reality is, I’ve had this feeling, as long as I can remember of like I know. Blush is trying to work out what we are forgetting and deconstructing it into something really trivial. The idea was that the verses were all leaning to high concept things and then the chorus is like yeah I know the feeling. Like you can reduce it down to that. If that makes any sense at all.

When I listened to Blush for the first time immediately, I thought it was a classic anthemic indie track and that’s how I would describe it, is the entire EP that style and genre too, or have you experimented with different styles?

Lucas: I wouldn’t say it’s all anthemic indie, some tracks have same vibe of blush. It’s also like because I’ve never really had an understanding of genre. I’ve never placed things in genre very well to me the only genre of music I can think of is what gives me Goosebumps, that’s my favourite type of music.  The whole film track kinda thing, so that’s what we try and emulate on this one, there is a track called Paloma which is one of my favourite tracks we’ve written, it’s very stripped back, very The National? Bit like Bon Iver there is a few different flavours in there.

Was there anything you wanted to push with the album like a message or a theme? Or what “This is some good music let’s get it out there”?

Lucas: There was definitely a theme with the album. The EP’s called Death of a Hero and the whole concept with that is one as you become an adult and I personally feel that you let go of the idea of who you thought you would be, your own hero. I thought I would have my shit together when I was younger, but I am so far from having it together. It also comments on celebrity culture as well. Celebrities have become almost god-like, so idolised. Almost like a religion. That when they die it’s important, it’s the death of a hero in multiple ways.

So, tell me what’s in store for the next year for The Rose Affair?

Lucas: The EP release is in April, we will then tour until then end of April, not a big tour we’re gonna try and get as far as Sheffield. We want to play as many dates as we can! Then after the tour it’s festival season so hopefully we’ll be able to secure a few festival shows, and then another single release and then more writing for another EP release next year, then we’ll do it all over again! No rest for the wicked.

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