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All the latest from this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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RADA Festival 2018

Over 70 events which celebrate theatre & its relationship with the arts

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Exploding out of the mould to Nine Foot Nine

Suddenly all the women in the world grow to Nine Foot Nine - Alex Wood's script focusses on effect over cause, in a confluence of clever complexity:

The potential of Libby’s Eyes in a functioning world

In order to class as a functioning human, Libby has to accept technological aid. Amy Bethan Evans' Libby's Eyes is a wry commentary of the consequence:

Sex & Scandal in The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives

Set in modern day Nigeria, The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives is a novel by Lola Shoneyin. Rotimi Babatunde’s adaptation is vibrant, raucous and raw. Nicola Acquah reviews:

The magical Elixir and its acrobatic results

The three Head First Acrobats drink and Elixir and are embued with acrobatic side effects. Daniel Perks reviews this fusion of slapstick and circus:

Monogamy – anything but monotonous

The world premiere of Torben Betts' Monogamy sees celebrated chef Janie Dee's home life unravelling. Daniel Perks reviews this dramatic, off-camera slice of middle class ...

The End Of History, the fast-paced present

A site-specific work, The End Of The History collides two characters in St-Giles-In-The-Fields church. Daniel Perks reviews Marcelo Dos Santos' latest work:

Paterson Joseph gives Sancho an act of remembrance

Paterson Joseph's one-man act of remembrance brings us into the world of Sancho, the first Afro-British man to vote in an election. Daniel Perks watches his tale unfold:

Review – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is less believable, if you can call it that, than its predecessor, but it's still a thumping good ride stuffed with dinosaurs, action and bad on...

Leave Taking – a revival of Winsome Pinnock’s debut play

Artistic Director of the Bush Theatre, Madani Younis, brings Winsome Pinnock's debut play back to a modern audience. Gillian Fisher reviews Leave Taking:

Sundance Film Festival: London

Miro's latest reviews from this year's Sundance in London
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