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Gaza Review: – A candid and sombre documentary of the neglected 2,000,000

Gaza was a place where people once escaped to experience a liberal way of living. But it is now a dejected, rundown and overcrowded grey expanse.

Sharkwater Extinction Review: Forget Jaws, humans are the real villains in Rob Stewart’s latest exposé on the illegal shark fin trade

Sharks. Are they violent, man-eating predators or majestic, underwater creatures in desperate need of protection? This polarising question is at the heart of the new documentary fr...

Do you care about plastic pollution?

Sky's Ocean Rescue documentary follows Turn the Tide on Plastic, a yacht manned by a crew making a splash about plastic pollution and the dangers it poses.

Review – Lost in Vagueness

From director Sofia Olins, Lost in Vagueness, tells the story of Roy Gurvitz, a traveller who befriended Glastonbury creator, Michael Eavis, whilst working on site in the 90s. Gurv...

Review – Generation Wealth

Lauren Greenfield's reflection on the excesses of wealth is one of the most vulgar, sickening and deeply thought-provoking films you'll see all year.

Review – McKellen: Playing The Part

Sir Ian McKellen reflects on his life under the spotlight, from a youth spent in Wigan to coming out, treading the boards on the West End and yelling 'you shall not pass'...

Review – MAMIL

The joy of wearing lycra is at the forefront of this irreverent, Aussie jolly about the joys of dealing with middle age-dom by getting on yer' bike.

Review: My Generation

Michael Caine's My Generation takes a skin-deep look at the permissive society with the help of some of the 300 people that made it big.

The Parkinsons: A long way to nowhere

Caroline Richards' portrait of the noughties' answer to the Sex Pistols should come with a warning: contains nudity, profanity, alcohol abuse, violence and incitement to ...

Hedy Lamarr: An overlooked inventor who fought to be recognised for her intellect, not just her beauty

“Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.”This thought-provoking quotation by Hedy Lamarr is presented early on in Bombshell, the new docum...