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Lydia Larson is Finding Fassbender in the big smoke

All alone in a new city. Eve is ready to give up. Then she gets a letter and set off on a mission. Finding Fassbender, and finding herself. Jonathan Penney reviews:

Lynn advocates self-acceptance in Skin A Cat

Isley Lynn's Skin A Cat is a pivotal piece of contemporary theatre, a piece about sexual self-acceptance. It's a five-star show for Theatre Editor Daniel Perks:

Review – the anarchy of Electra, the fire of Larson

Electra is a play about vengeance and John Ward’s adaptation stays true to its uniquely ancient Greek roots.

Edinburgh Review: Brutal Cessation

Lydia Larson is instantly dismissive of boyfriend Alan Mahon. This is going to sound like a somewhat misogynistic statement, but it’s as though she is behaving in a traditionally m...