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Who are Onstage Theatre Seats for?

Is onstage seating at the theatre a gimmick, or is it essential to some shows? Shaun Nolan can’t quite work it out, even after seeing Cyprus Avenue and The American Clock:

Trigger Warning – Cyprus Avenue is back

David Ireland’s provocative drama on unionism and psychosis, Cyprus Avenue, returns to the Royal Court. Beware of potential triggers, just in case. Annabel Mellor reviews:

Lecky is her own Superhoe in this searing story

Nicôle Lecky’s wickedly clever debut play Superhoe, about the mercenary world of sex work, delivers a searing lesson in empathy. Annabel Mellor reviews:

The Woods – equal parts warmth and despair

Robert Alan Evans' The Woods is a murky, twilight production, on the fringes of nostalgia and horror. Playing at the Royal Court Upstairs, Daniel Perks reviews this complex tu...

One For Sorrow – Mistrust is never far away

Cordelia Lynn returns to the Royal Court after making her debut there in 2015. Tom Preston reviews 'One For Sorrow' for Miro Magazine.

Review: Gundog and the draw of the reassuringly familiar

Time relentlessly passes. One moment, you’re tupping sheep; the next, you’re lambing them and hoping that you don’t have to put too many out of their misery. Vicky Featherstone’s d...

Miro: Top Theatre to kick off 2018 – January to March

What a way to kick off 2018 - our Theatre Editor Daniel Perks picks the shows he's most looking forward to over the next 3 months: January kicks off a new year with a new feature!...