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Who Cares for young carers? LUNG Theatre do. We should too.

After two years interviewing young carers in Salford, LUNG Theatre present Who Cares - a searing portrayal of teenagers lost in the system. Daniel Perks reviews:

Before The Revolution: counting down to 25 January 2011

Before the Revolution, despite its simplicity, proves a poignant and reflective discussion of how miniscule causes lead up to a great event. Katherine Knight reviews:

Die! Die! Die! Old People Die! Quite the provocative title…

Die! Die! Die! Old People Die! A moth-eaten clown show that, while amusing, has something rather cruel about it. Maggie Kelly reviews:

Traumboy and Traumgirl – the performers of our dreams

Daniel Hellmann is Traumboy and Anne Welenc is Traumgirl. Each give a male and female perspective into the lives of sex workers. Daniel Perks reviews both shows, playing alternate ...

Zoe Ní Riordáin sings of love in Everything I Do

A show by Zoe Ní Riordáin about love and losing people with some shattering points among electric guitar chords. Maggie Kelly reviews Everything I Do:

One night out, One Life Stand for Middle Child

Middle Child return to Edinburgh with their latest production - Eve Nicol's debut, One Life Stand. It's a complex painting of a typical cosmopolitan night out. Daniel Per...

Edinburgh 2018 Spotlight – The Political History of Smack and Crack

The world's biggest arts festival, Edinburgh Fringe 2018, is here! We catch up with performer Eva Steele, bringing The Political History of Smack and Crack to this year's...

The Trojan Horse inquiry, radicalisation in Birmingham

Trojan Horse is one of the bravest pieces of theatre to grace the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. Jonathan Penney explains why: