Kiss Chase premieres as part of the Breaking Out initiative at The Bunker Theatre. Daniel Perks catches Second Circle theatre company and Artistic Director Hannah Samuels to discuss the work:

It was one of our Theatre Editor’s top picks for these spring months – in June, the Breaking Out initiative kicks off as part of The Bunker’s Summer Season 2018. A new programme by Artistic Director Joshua McTaggart, it champions new work from innovative theatre companies, with six shows all playing over the course of four weeks in a repertory style scheduling that is proving more and more popular on today’s fringe scene:

  • On Mondays and Thursdays will play Libby’s Eyes and Nine Foot Nine
  • On Tuesdays and Fridays will play No One Is Coming To Save You and Section 2
  • On Wednesdays and Saturdays will play Kiss Chase and GUY: A New Musical

Previously we interviewed director Charlotte Fraser and her show, No One Is Coming To Save You. Next up, we caught up with theatre company Second Circle and Artistic Director Hannah Samuels, whose latest show, Kiss Chase, tells tales of broken hearts, first loves, walks of shame, holding hands and standing alone in the club when the lights come on:

Breaking Out The Bunker

Describe your show in three words.

Interactive, fun, honest.

How are you feeling about performing at The Bunker as part of the Breaking Out event?

Excited! The Bunker have been amazingly supportive, encouraging us to take risks and to develop our style as a company. Having worked alongside other emerging companies through the Pleasance Charlie Hartill tryouts 2017, we are delighted to be launched into the industry with five other fantastic companies as part of the Breaking Out Season.

Kiss Chase will be our first show at a central London venue. In a similar way to our debut show Meeting at 33, the process of creating Kiss Chase has stemmed from material inspired by the verbatim interviews. Kiss Chase has also enabled us to develop our devising skills whilst consolidating our collaborative way of working for creating future shows.

Who or what are your inspirations, the things that give you the energy to keep going and making theatre/ acting/ being involved?

Our three hearts are tied by the desire to create honest, visceral theatre in unique and intimate spaces. By revealing our hopes, fears, obsessions, anxieties and secrets, we strive to make work about the people we care about and the issues we want to scream about. We believe that theatre can be and should be experienced by everyone!

We’re inspired by the words of Tim Crouch, Bryony Kimmings and strangers we’ve fallen in the street.

What are the future plans for your show? What is the dream after this run?

The dream is to secure a full-length run of Kiss Chase at a central London venue and to get a residency at a London based arts centre or theatre to call our home.

Our aim is to continue to create opportunities for new work to be heard and to collaborate with other creatives through our work-in-progress evenings supported by Paines Plough.

Next we want to create a regionally driven show sharing stories from our home towns of Cambridge, Stratford upon Avon, Croydon and Bridgend. Allowing us to develop different audience bases through the various strands of the company.

What is the best production that you saw in the last 12 months – can be any genre, style, in any theatre or performance space?

The Inheritance at The Young Vic – it was beautiful, honest storytelling with minimal set, reflecting on a moment in history in both a micro and macro level.

Education Education Education from our pals at Wardrobe Ensemble was also wonderful!

Is there anything else you want to highlight about your show/ theatre company/ production?

We are also very excited to announce that the show is being supported by Florijn Care – a provider of care for people with learning difficulties and mental health problems.



Kiss Chase runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11 June – 7 July 2018, one of the Breaking Out plays as part of The Bunker Summer Season. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the venue website.