The world's biggest arts festival, Edinburgh Fringe 2018, is here! We catch up with writer & performer Kate Kennedy, bringing Hunch to this year's festival:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 is nearly over for another year! For its 71st year, the world’s biggest arts festival descends upon the Scottish capital, bringing with it a series of productions that innovate, imagine and leap into the unknown. Fringe veterans and first timers share stage space, flyer side by side and plaster their posters all over the city to try and entice us in to witness their moments of magic.

Here at Miro Magazine, we are incredibly excited by the biggest offering that Edinburgh has ever seen. Throughout the festival, we will be profiling some of the shows playing this year, as well as reviewing, listing and round up every performance. This is our way of getting to know the theatre companies and performers that are hoping to sell out and share their success.

Next up in our Spotlight feature is Hunch, which plays at Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 2 – 26 August 2018. We caught up with writer & performer Kate Kennedy:

Describe Hunch in three words.

‘Superhero dark comedy.’

Is this your first Edinburgh Fringe performance experience?

‘No, I performed with Trinity College Dublin in 2012 in a play called The Life and Sort of Death of Eric Argyle written by Ross Dungan where he had me playing a 4-year old girl and a 70-year old man who played the flute. Six years later and I’m in two shows Hunch as well as The Cat’s Mother written by the brilliant Erica Murray who was in Eric Argyle with me in 2012 playing a 90 year old.’

Who else are you most looking forward to seeing while in Edinburgh?

‘My writing partner Maddie Rice has her own solo show this year called Pickle Jar. She’s been touring the formidable Fleabag for most of the year and I cannot wait to see her shine with her own story.’

Who are your inspirations?

‘Every time I see a National Youth Theatre piece I feel boundlessly inspired. They haven’t developed the jaded and formatted stench that sometimes wafts from theatres that are a bit out of touch. Their talent is electrifying. I love hard workers and I love doers and I love quirk.’

What is your secret to surviving the intense, fast pace of the fringe?

‘I’ll be playing around 50 characters this year. Survival isn’t guaranteed. Maybe a daily dunk in Manuka Honey.’

What are the future plans for Hunch?

‘I’d love to tour Hunch after the Festival. This superhero needs to see the rest of the world, ideally starting with regional England first, then other universes.’

What is the best production you’ve seen in the last 12 months?

An Octoroon at the National was shatteringly excellent. There’s nothing I can say that will do it justice so just go and watch it. Groundhog Day at the Old Vic was first-rate, but I’d flatter anything that was remotely associated with Bill Murray. I also loved the film Toni Erdmann for how it straddled the wackiness and heart wrench of human shortcomings.’

Is there anything else you want to highlight about Hunch?

‘This is the third piece in the trilogy working with Sara Joyce. Click covered friendship, The Win Bin explored the job market and now Hunch tucks into love. As far as directors go, she’s a whizz kid who’s a stickler for magic. A critic once described her as a ‘gimlet eye’ and it is that level of care for each picture and each word that makes me very excited to see what she stirs next in the theatre pot.

Hunch is a tragi-comic story about the real vs. surreal and why we fetishise superheroes when humans are fantastic, however bizarre and complex they may be.’



Writer/ Performer: Kate Kennedy

Director: Sara Joyce

Producer: DugOut Theatre

Design: Max Dorey; Max Perryment (sound)

Hunch runs at Assembly Roxy as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 from 1 – 27 August 2018. For further information, please visit the venue website.