The world's biggest arts festival, Edinburgh Fringe 2018, is here! We catch up with writer & director Stuart Laws, bringing The Journey to this year's festival:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 is nearly over for another year! For its 71st year, the world’s biggest arts festival descends upon the Scottish capital, bringing with it a series of productions that innovate, imagine and leap into the unknown. Fringe veterans and first timers share stage space, flyer side by side and plaster their posters all over the city to try and entice us in to witness their moments of magic.

Here at Miro Magazine, we are incredibly excited by the biggest offering that Edinburgh has ever seen. Throughout the festival, we will be profiling some of the shows playing this year, as well as reviewing, listing and round up every performance. This is our way of getting to know the theatre companies and performers that are hoping to sell out and share their success.

Next up in our Spotlight feature is The Journey, which plays at Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 1 – 27 August 2018. We caught up with writer & director Stuart Laws:

Describe The Journey in three words.

‘Funny theatre goose.’

Is this your first Edinburgh Fringe performance experience?

‘No way! They’ve been letting me slip in every year since 2011. I’m a stand-up comedian so I’ve been doing that, I also acted in a play in 2013. But mainly the stand-up. It’s the first time Edinburgh has let me put on a play I’ve written though.’

Who else are you most looking forward to seeing while in Edinburgh?

‘All the smiling faces walking out of Wagamama – people love that restaurant! If you mean what shows am I looking forward to then here’s some to whet your whistle: John Kearns, Olga Koch, Froggy Darlington & Rosie Jones.’

Who are your inspirations?

‘My insatiable ego really helps – I won’t stop until I’m feted as the smartest and funniest human that ever lived. With this play, my co-director Phoebe Ladenburg is pretty inspiring and I’m learning loads from her. She’s also doing all this work while eight months pregnant. Superb work.’

What is your secret to surviving the intense, fast pace of the fringe?

‘I don’t really find it that intense, I try not to get to insular and obsessed with the whole circus of it all. It’s a month holiday where I get to see friends, watch shows and continually drop the word playwright into conversation.’

What are the future plans for The Journey?

‘I’d love for it to transfer to London before touring. There’s early plans for how the show could develop for TV too, but main thing is that first performance, then the one after that and so on.’

What is the best production you’ve seen in the last 12 months?

‘I loved Art, Tim Key was great in that. The Woman in Black too, I had never seen it so was great to finally see what everyone goes on about. The Bacchanals at Etcetera Theatre was a funny gem too.’

Is there anything else you want to highlight about The Journey?

‘I think it’s really funny, like loads of jokes in it and actors who are so good and have great chemistry together. I know that should be a given for a romantic comedy but I’m so proud of the responses it’s getting so far. To have the Pleasance producing it is a real sign of the faith they have in it.’



Writer: Stuart Laws

Director: Stuart Laws; Phoebe Ladenburg

Composer: Steven Dunne

Cast: Will Brown; Phoebe Sparrow

The Journey runs at Pleasance Dome as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 from 1 – 27 August 2018. For further information, please visit the venue website.