The world's biggest arts festival, Edinburgh Fringe 2018, is right around the corner. We introduce our Miro Magazine coverage - visit our Fringe page for all the latest reviews, interviews and features:

August comes round again, quicker and quicker each year. And accompanying the summer month is the largest arts festival in the world – the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For three weeks the city is tranformed, ready to welcome an influx of experimentation, innovation and creative inspiration.


Image courtesy of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

Now in its 71st year, the 2018 Fringe brings with it a number of exciting anniversaries that celebrate the rich tapestry of performance in all its guises. The Made In Scotland showcase celebrates its tenth year in Edinburgh, as does the Fringe Central Events Programme. That’s not to mention 2018 being the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War 1 and the 250th anniversary of the birth of circus in the UK. Each and every occasion will be celebrated in a truly unique, spectacular and memorable fashion as only this festival can.

Image courtesy of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

A few exciting facts and figures about the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe:

  • Total shows: 3,548 (up 150 from last year)
  • Total venues: 317 (up 17 from last year)
  • Total number of Performances: 56,796 (up 3,565 from last year)
  • Countries represented: 55 (7 fewer than last year)
  • Number of Free Shows: 697 (up 11 from last year)
  • Number of Premieres: 1,937 (up 254 from last year)
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

Hot Brown Honey (image courtesy of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society)

Here at Miro Magazine, we are incredibly excited to celebrate our second year in the middle of the action, so much so that we’re offering each production a whole host of ways that they can get involved, market their show and generate some buzz before the month itself.

Just one of the ways that we’ll be highlighting the best of the fest is to profile some of the shows playing this year and gett to know the people, theatre companies and performers that are leaping Into The Unknown:

  • How are they feeling about the festival? How will they survive it?
  • What are their future hope and dreams for the work?
  • What else have they seen recently that has made them sit up and pay attention?

As well as profiles, we will be posting regular reviews, listicles and round-ups for our readers.

Just to whet your appetite a bit more, see the below photos from some of the productions featured in this year’s spotlights:



The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 runs from 3 – 27 August June 2018. For further information, please visit the venue website.

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