After an acclaimed run in 2018, Proforca Theatre brings Feel and its sister productions, Feel More and Before Feel, to The Space before a UK tour. Artistic Director David Brady talks about the millennial London love experience:

Sometimes you work on a project that takes you to places you couldn’t possibly expect, and for us Feel was definitely one of those projects.

We wanted to develop a piece of writing that gave us the whole “fringe” experience. A longer run, the opportunity to test ourselves and our work over a longer development period, to really focus on a piece of quality storytelling that would resonate with both audiences and critics alike. In its first run, Feel allowed us the opportunity to take our work to new theatres and audiences, but there was something that felt a little bit “unfinished” about the experience last time round and we wanted to complete its journey this year.

This is a millennial love story, and it’s unashamedly a story about the London experience.

We tell the separate (but interconnected) stories of two couples who meet in a very “London” way in summer 2016. Nick and Karen meet waiting for their progressively delayed train, Jamie and Naomi meet on a Tinder date that goes disastrously awry. It’s a story about missed connections, second-hand love and a hope for something better than you are, told by characters that make you laugh one minute then break your heart the next.

The experience of producing and directing the show has been such a joy. Not only is it rewarding to spend time with the text, but the experience of directing two equally talented but contrasting casts for each generation of the show has been a privilege. Rehearsals are fun, lively and thoughtful, and the performances are rewarding and fresh every time.

Colin Hubbard, Emily Costello, Anthony Fagan & Gabrielle Nellis-Pain

Feel also has something new and unique in its sister production Feel More, where we asked writers to write for the same universe as the main piece. Whether its thematically or directly, Feel More is linked to the main show and takes place in the same universe. This means we tell the stories of people who could be standing on train platform or in the same bar as our main characters, with the idea that the link was tangible in some way. Both generations of stories are written by some of the best writing talent on the fringe today – new and established theatre makers who are brilliantly passionate about the universe. It really shows in the funny, flawed, loveable and real characters and stories that hopefully make the audience laugh and think all at the same time.

This time out, Feel is also supported at selected performances by Before Feel – a brand new monologue that takes place ten minutes before the main show. We wanted to create a piece that could be shared with actors and directors at each of the places Feel goes to on its short tour in spring 2019. We’re really enjoying having an “expanded universe” of characters and themes to play around with (move over Marvel!).

Feel Proforca Theatre

David Brady, Artistic Director of Proforca Theatre Company

In bringing the production back for another run, we can continue to finesse the performances as well as give the piece the widest audience exposure possible. It’s taken a year for the production to come full circle, and the company has grown in so many ways since we started the project. But we hope that like for Nick and Karen in Feel, some trains are worth waiting for.

Feel plays at The Space from 5 – 16 February before a UK tour. For more information on Feel, Feel More or Before Feel, please visit the company website.