Fabricate are reviving Amy Rosenthal's Henna Night for a limited run at the White Bear Theatre. Artistic Director Catherine Lamb tells us why:

A break-up. A message. Two women collide and an unlikely friendship emerges.

Judith leaves her ex-boyfriend a desperate message saying that she’s not coping with their break-up, that she has bought some razor blades and some henna in order to either slash her wrists or dye her hair and that she might be pregnant. However, it is his new partner, Ros, who listens to the message and rushes to Judith’s flat to discover her intentions. Henna Night is a darkly humorous look at how a friendship can emerge from even the strangest circumstances and, if rivalry is put to one side, what we stand to gain from one another.

Henna Night White Bear Theatre

Sophie Stevens and Lois Deeny brought Amy Rosenthal‘s script to us at Fabricate and from there we decided to collaborate on a reimagining of the text. Amy has been very generous in allowing us to update her script, giving us the opportunity to make Henna Night just as relatable now as it was in 2001 when it first premiered.

As actresses, Sophie and Lois loved the writing and were drawn to the relatable female characters Amy created. The way women interact and their relationships are always interesting to me – I particularly liked the fact that a meaningful friendship comes out of a situation which would normally be riddled with jealously. You start off thinking that the relationships both the women have with Jack are at the centre of the story, but actually it is the emerging relationship between the women that is not only fascinating but also utterly central.

Henna Night White Bear Theatre

At Fabricate we are passionate about showcasing young talent and this beautifully crafted two-hander is perfect to showcase the acting talents of Sophie and Lois. In this industry, and particularly now, it is so important to push yourself forward and create your own luck. We feel that Henna Night is not only a lovely piece to work on. but also a great opportunity to collaborate with two fantastically talented female performers.

Henna Night White Bear Theatre

We open for a limited run at the White Bear Theatre and are very much looking forward to returning for the first time since launching in early 2017 with our version of Jack Thorne’s Bunny. The premier of Henna Night received a huge amount of praise and really put Amy on the map as a great writer, so it is such a thrill to have the opportunity to produce an updated version of her script. Richard Pepper’s vision for the show definitely adds a whole new energy and life to the piece.  With unique staging, beautiful music and a darkly humorous story it promises to be a lovely evening at the theatre.

Henna Night runs at the White Bear Theatre from 16 – 20 October. For more information or to book tickets, visit the company website here.